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After the opening of the legislative session on Wednesday the majority party and the minority party held separate press availabilities in the House Lounge. Speaker Elijah Haahr, on behalf of the Republican majority, did not make a statement but did take questions from the media. Later, House Democratic Minority Leader Crystal Quade, on behalf of House Democrats, made remarks and then took questions from the media.

House Democratic Minority Leader Crystal Quade – January 9, 2019.

Representative Quade’s remarks:

House Democratic Minority Leader Crystal Quade: Good afternoon. House Democrats are excited and energized as we begin the benchmark hundredth general assembly. Though few in number, we are bold and strong in our convictions. We are determined to act in the best interests of all Missourians and hold the majority accountable when it fails to do so.

Our priorities for twenty-nineteen, as they have always been for Democrats, include fighting for quality and affordable public education for all Missourians, access to affordable and quality health care for all Missourians, and defending rights for all workers throughout Missouri.

This year House Democrats are also committed to defending the will of Missouri voters. As you know voters stood with progressive value in November – from increasing the statewide minimum wage, to legalizing medical marijuana, to enacting major redistricting and legislative ethics reform. We also overwhelmingly rejected the Republican push to undermine workers’ ability to organize and defend their rights.

House Democrats will do all we can to stop the majority from balancing their tax cuts on the backs of school children, the elderly and disabled, and working families. Democrat will fight for a balanced budget that put every day Missourians first. And because of these Republican reckless tax policies that have sharply reduced state revenue collection Missouri will once again be faced with difficult financial choices. Democrats will insure that the state’s most important investments – in our people – are not on the chopping block.


Representative Steven Roberts (D).

Representative Deb Lavender (D).


The opening of the legislative session – in the House – January 9, 2019 (January 9, 2019)

The opening of the legislative session – in the House – photos – January 9, 2019 (January 10, 2019)