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Rashida Tlaib: Congresswoman’s Trump profanity sparks furore
US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Speaker has shrugged off a new lawmaker’s use of a profane epithet to assail President Donald Trump.

Democrat Rashida Tlaib courted controversy when she used explicit language while calling for the president’s impeachment.
Ms Pelosi on Thursday said while she would not use such language, it was no worse than things Mr Trump has said.
The controversy comes amid renewed talk of impeachment among lawmakers.
The Republican president called her comments “highly disrespectful” to the US in a news conference on Friday.

Donald “pussy grabber” Trump (r) really said that.

Civility Scold reactions:

David Axelrod @davidaxelrod
Come on! I get the anger but is this helpful?
9:21 AM – 4 Jan 2019 from Chicago, IL

And, the Minority Leader (republican) in the U.S. House of Representatives:

Aaron Rupar @atrupar
MCCARTHY: “You know what our freshman class did? They put together a resolution to not use foul language. This is the difference & it’s wrong.”
REPORTER: But Trump recently called a woman ‘horseface.’ Who within your caucus called him out?
M: “I think a lot of them did”
10:08 AM – 4 Jan 2019

And, from the chair of the republican National Committee:

Ronna McDaniel @GOPChairwoman
Expletive-filled rants about our president tell you all you need to know about the priorities of the Democrats in Congress.
President Trump fights every day for a better life for Americans.
Democrats are only committed to fighting President Trump.
9:03 AM – 4 Jan 2019

The Trump administration separates people seeking asylum from their children and places their children in concentration camps.

From Representative Rashida Tlaib (D):

Rashida Tlaib @RashidaTlaib
I will always speak truth to power. #unapologeticallyMe
8:08 AM – 4 Jan 2019

“If you can’t use profanity to describe an obscenity, then when the fuck can you use it?” – Blue Girl @BGinKC