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At an event on Thursday evening Representative Rashida Tlaib (D) stated “…we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherfucker [Donald Trump]…”

Last night from the self-appointed president of the Civility Scolds’ Overstuffed Fainting Couch and Pearl Clutching Society:

Senator Mitt Romney @SenatorRomney
Rep. Tlaib took the politics of Washington deeper down the drain. Elected leaders should elevate, not degrade, our public discourse.
7:00 PM – 4 Jan 2019

The Trump administration separates people seeking asylum from their children and places their children in concentration camps. At least be outraged about that.

He got ratioed in the comments for his pearl clutching:

Did you seriously say that with a straight face? Have you not been listening to your boss the last 2 years? Nobody in your party has any right to object to anything.

I’m old enough to remember how ridiculous you looked sitting at that dinner table with a known pussy grabber trying to land the SOS. Now you want to pearl clutch. Spare us Mitt. #ImpeachTheMF

spare me… a swear word doesn’t come close to the degradation the GOP has caused this nation.

After these past two years all we are left is the ability to express our feelings in the rawest form. What the GOP has condoned and encouraged is degrading and disrespectful to America and the World. That is true vulgarity. #ImpeachTheMotherFcker

Binders full of motherfuckers.

Yes, it’s always exponentially worse when a woman uses profanity in reference to a man who has done nothing but degrade and profane the office he holds.

Oh look. More empty words from Flake 2.0. Strap your furrowed brow onto the roof of your car. #ImpeachTheMF

I’m already sick of Flake 2.0

At this point there are over 16,000 additional responses.



Dispatches from the Civility Scolds’ Overstuffed Fainting Couch and Pearl Clutching Society (January 4, 2019)