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The Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight charged with investigating Governor Eric Greitens (r) heard testimony from Michael Hafner, a political consultant who worked for the campaign early on.

Marshall Griffin @MarshallGReport
I’m summarizing this – not quoting – but @HafnerMO basically told the Mo. House Cmte that @EricGreitens, formerly a Democrat, had to be taught how to speak Republican. #moleg #greitensreport #greitensindictment
11:21 AM – 29 May 2018

Tony Messenger @tonymess
If Cole County prosecuting attorney Mark Richardson were listening to #GreitensImpeachment hearings today he would be hearing a lot of testimony about potential ethics violations surrounding formation of @EricGreitens campaign.
11:42 AM – 29 May 2018

My running comments on the testimony, via Twitter:

Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight – hearing live stream
The hearing has not started yet. Announcement: the Chair is meeting with the Speaker.

Michael Hafner – testifying before the committee
Chair asked if he stands by his previous testimony before the committee. “Yes.”

Michael Hafner – meeting in 2014, discussing Greitens running for statewide office. “We knew that he was planning on running for office in 2016.” “It seemed that his mind was made up on running.”

Michael Hafner – set up meeting of major donors in 2014. Greitens attended that meeting – @ March13, 2014.

Michael Hafner – meeting with another group of donors in March 2014. MH attended. Introductory for Greitens to influential donors.

Michael Hafner – e-mail looking for researcher for “inoculation file” on Greitens. To check for vulnerabilities.

Michael Hafner – meeting – researcher, demographer, media buyer, national pollster, others – presentations for EG “and his wife” – discussion of groundwork for campaign. Meeting at hotel of donor.

Michael Hafner – “I don’t know if they ‘comped’ the room.”

Michael Hafner – Agenda – to follow up to vendor meeting. EG was very interested in advancing the campaign.

Michael Hafner – statement that they helped EG draft as he was stepping down from the charity. Address story to Missouri Scout – maybe about EG having Democrat ties.

Michael Hafner – advice at the time to “have a very short statement” to address Missouri Scout post. Ended up being longer.

Michael Hafner – Being solicited by national Democrats to run – “I think that’s what Eric wanted people to believe.” Other way around – EG solicited national Democrats to get him to run.

Michael Hafner – January 2015 started getting paid – Greitens Group paid him – for political work.

Michael Hafner – A lot of discussion in Fall 2014 – MH and David Barklage suggested he start a committee numerous times for fundraising purposes. Asked MEC – EG was doing political.

Michael Hafner – MEC suggested EG open candidate committee. Greitens disregarded that.

Michael Hafner – Greitens wanted to use March 2015 book release as a launch for his campaign. “We advised him to open a committee [before that].” Greitens wanted to wait until after his book tour.

Michael Hafner – January 15, 2016. Two weeks before that MH started working for campaign. “Was your rate of pay more than $500 for those two weeks?” “Yes.”

Michael Hafner – Document to Laub and Bobeck – “to do” things – follow through – there were campaign contributions. “Had EG been soliciting campaign contribution before that?” “Yes.”

Michael Hafner – Exhibit 88 – E-mail. radio plan provided to EG in 2014 by other consultants. Plan to air ads on conservative radio for EG.

Michael Hafner – “It was my understanding that radio plan was to be coordinated to launch of book.”

Michael Hafner – EG certainly had the Democrat ties (citing Bob Holden). EG had to be educated as to “conservative” policies.

Michael Hafner – Question: “Didn’t the Greitens camp describe you as a disgruntled employee.” “Yes.”

Michael Hafner – “I am here because the governor and his team were untruthful to the MEC about the donor list.”

Michael Hafner – “[Even in] there was a hesitancy in 2015 to conduct inoculation research.”

Michael Hafner – December 12, 2014 e-mail – about conversation with MEC about EG having a continuing or candidate committee.

Michael Hafner – “It was our advice that EG open a committee if he was spending money on campaign activities.”

Michael Hafner – Question: “It is typical that you’re spending this amount of time on a candidate who’s not going to run.” “Not typical.”

Michael Hafner – Question: “You personally advised him to open a committee [in 2014].” “Yes, personally and in writing.”

Michael Hafner – If EG had told us at the time that he was running for governor we wouldn’t have spent the time because we didn’t think he should run for governor.

Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight – hearing live stream
Michael Hafner – Question: “What’s the purpose of a 501c(3)?” “To conceal the identity of donors.”

Well, he’s established his honesty.

Michael Hafner – “Foreign money was discussed and that money being contributed by foreign entities. [MH left campaign] I don’t know how far those discussions went. [after that].”

Michael Hafner – Contributor/bundler wanted to know if there avenues to contribute [non-profits or C(4)s] to the campaign without disclosing donors.

Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight – hearing live stream
Committee recesses until 12:45 p.m.

It does indeed look like the Missouri Ethics Commission has some work to do.


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