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The Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight charged with investigating Governor Eric Greitens (r) is reading transcripts of depositions into the record via live stream today. It’s been going on for hours.

The witnesses testimony before the grand jury was identical to the transcripts of her testimony before the committee.

The deposition transcript of the opening cross examination of the witness by Governor Greitens’ attorney(s) consists of their badgering the witness. It might make sense for a criminal trial, but makes them all look like a jerks.

And Greitens’ state funded (other) attorneys thought allowing them cross examination during the impeachment process would be a good thing?

Chris Koster (D) [2016 file photo]

The witness testified in a deposition that she cut the hair of both Chris Koster (D) and Eric Greitens (r) as her clients before the election. After the election, while she was cutting Chris Koster’s hair he told her in November of 2016 that he knew about her relationship with Greitens before the election.

Chris Koster didn’t use that information before the election. You think it would have changed the outcome?

Eric Greitens (r) [2016 file photo].

An observation from Jason Rosenbaum:

Jason Rosenbaum @jrosenbaum
FWIW: The woman told the House committee earlier this year that she cut Koster’s hair. I sensed from talking w/ Koster about Greitens that his disdain went beyond normal animosity that comes from combative nature of electoral politics.
3:32 PM – 22 May 2018


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