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The Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight charged with investigating Governor Eric Greitens (r) heard testimony from Scott Faughn from around 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The hearing was available via live stream.

The committee was very interested in the source of the (now) $120,000.00 in cash from Scott Faughn to Al Watkins, the attorney for the spouse of the witness. Scott Faughn stated, several times, that the money was his.

My running comments on the testimony, via Twitter:

Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight – hearing live stream
Scott Faughn – $120,000 total – three to four deliveries. Cash, no check.

Scott Faughn – Chuck Hatfield – advises client to not answer internal financial information.

Scott Faughn – “This was my money. Not going to get into the inner workings of my business.”

Scott Faughn – Chairman, “I don’t believe it’s your money.”

Scott Faughn – Chairman, “Was it someone in the low income housing industry?” “Was it an out of state Republican donor?”

Scott Faughn – “What I got [for the money] is a set of tapes.”

Scott Faughn – “It’s perfectly lawful in America to conduct business in cash.”

Scott Faughn – “I had one brief conversation with Witness One to ask for an interview” “She said, no.” “It was very brief, she hung up, that was it.”

Scott Faughn – “I only ever spoke to Mr. Watkins [not witness’ husband].”

Scott Faughn – “I think there are rumors about the present governor that anyone who listens would hear.”

Scott Faughn – In response to question – Heard rumors about tapes from anyone who wasn’t supporting Eric Greitens for Governor.

Scott Faughn – “The money was my money.” In response to question, the tapes were for a book.

Scott Faughn – Committee keeps asking about the physical source of the cash used to pay for the tapes.

Scott Faughn – I think everybody in Missouri politics had an inkling about what was on the tapes [in 2017].

Scott Faughn – In response to statement/question: “I’ve never counted the pages [about himelf on MO CaseNet].”

Scott Faughn – Question: “Did you sign a nondisclosure agreement with [Al Watkins]”? “No.”

Scott Faughn – “I think it’s surely hard for anyone to say they’re in the know in Missouri politics [these days].”

Scott Faughn – Committee keeps asking about source of the money, Faughn (with advice of counsel) keeps refusing. Faughan keeps stating that he won’t discuss details of his private business.

Scott Faughn – First heard rumors [about Greitens affair] in summer of 2015. So widespread that no one specific source.

Chris Koster is probably banging his head on a desk right now.

Scott Faughn – Question: “Where have you been for the last few weeks?” Discussion of subpeonas. Hatfield, “We’re going to have to come back?”

Scott Faughn – spoke briefly with Kim Gardner in late January/February, twice – to ask for an interview – she declined, did not comment on Greitens case.

Scott Faughn – “This is a very unique situation…I didn’t break the story…I did become a distraction to what you’re tying to do…”

The chair of the committee denied a request for cross examination from someone in the public seating area. I wonder who?

In Recess. Open mic – member of the committee speculating on mechanics in source of the money with a another member of the committee.


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