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“…bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran…”

Yesterday, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
W/drawal from Iran agreement provides opportunity to establish more stable, equitable solution so Iran doesn’t develop nuclear weapons. New agreement should address ballistic missiles, require stronger inspections, & permanently restrict Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons.
2:11 PM – 8 May 2018 from Washington, DC

Some of the responses:

No, without the agreement they can begin working on nuclear weapons immediately. You support that. And why would any country trust a deal with the US if we’re just going to bail, despite them upholding their end. Be specific, how was this decision good. Hold a public town hall

Well, she did hold one of those on August 14, 2015. That was a while ago.

Respectfully, may your constituents review this new, more stable, equitable solution? Many people are saying the administration for which you provide cover, doesn’t have a plan. Can you prove them wrong?

Withdrawal from the Iran agreement shows the world that we can’t be trusted to keep our word. You have just permanently ruined our political standing in the world. Stop trying to sell it as some enlightened strategy.

Then tell me why France, Germany and Great Britain pleaded with us to not break the deal??

Trump’s going to do that? That’s a pretty tall order for a guy who couldn’t keep his casino from going bankrupt.

Gambling with money, gambling with lives, there’s not much difference, right?

How will the US violating the terms of this agreement help your constituents here in the 4th Congressional district?

That’s easy. Higher gas prices. Oh, wait, you said “help”…

Just ride right along with his idiocy. Birds of a feather.

Thanks: By the way, now that Trump says Iran is in breach of JCPOA, according to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, the IC is required to provide Congress with details of the breach within 10 calendar days. I’ll be looking forward to hearing of this report.

Especially since DNI director Coats has testified they are in full compliance [….]

Detail, details…

Idiot! You know it won’t be renegotiated

We just lost all of our bargaining power you idiot. Trump has no plan B. BiBi wants war so sign your kids up for the military. We’re tired of fighting GOP lead wars in the Middle East.

There seems to be a theme.

And, in the words of Christiane Amanpour, yesterday:

Mick Krever @mickbk
.@camanpour: “I would describe pulling out of this deal as possibly the greatest deliberate act of self-harm and self-sabotage in geo-strategic politics in the modern era.”
9:42 AM – 8 May 2018

That’s a nice way of saying “idiot”.


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): on the Iran nuclear deal – Harrisonville, MO – August 14, 2015