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Cato the Elder tacked that on to his speeches in the Roman Senate, relevant or not.

The republicans in the Missouri General Assembly have super majorities in both houses.

Therefore, we should arm everyone in our public schools. Therefore, if it could possibly involve Planned Parenthood, we’re not interested. Therefore, St. Louis schools are not our problem. Therefore, an AR-15 is a perfectly good tool for hunting, because, well…

HCS SB 743, an education bill, was the subject of most of yesterday’s morning and afternoon sessions in the House. By one count there were forty amendments to be considered on the bill. With the time remaining on the legislative calendar, the actions (or lack thereof) of the Senate, and an impending sense of doom the education bill became a vehicle to try to hang entire bills which have no other legislative route to approval other than as amendments to another bill.

Then those amendments have to survive a conference committee.

As the afternoon session ground on one member of the House in the side gallery started quietly singing “Oh, Christmas tree”, joking that hanging all those ornaments on the tree was going to make it topple.

Representative Bruce Franks, Jr. (D) – May 8, 2018.

Representative Stacey Newman (D) – May 8, 2018.

Representative Hannah Kelly (R) – May 8, 2018.

Representative Holly Rehder (R) – May 8, 2018

Representative Deb Lavender (D) – May 8, 2018.

Minority Whip Kip Kendrick (D) – May 8, 2018.

Representative Martha Stevens (D) – May 8, 2018.

Representative Karla May (D) – May 8, 2018.

Speaker Todd Richardson – May 8, 2018.

Representative Mike Moon (R) – May 8, 2018.

There isn’t much levity at the end of this session in comparison to others. One can sense the tension and frustration – sometimes that bubbles up. It’s not so much the possible (probable, depending on who you talk to) impeachment of Governor Eric Greitens (r), but, as one member of the House said, a symptom of the Trump Era.

The Special Session which may consider impeachment commences at 6:30 p.m. on May 18th, thirty minutes after the end of the General Session. No one is certain of what is going to happen.

Though, we’d like to find out where that $1,975,000.00 really came from.


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