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If Net Neutrality goes down the tubes, well, yeah.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Today on Facebook, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler
I came to Washington with an “Undo List.” President Donald J. Trump is following through on his promise to remove burdensome government regulations from everyday Americans’ lives. Regulations should be judged by quality, not quantity. [….]

Some of the responses:

So when does this “quality” consideration kick in?

Are you considering net neutrality a burdensome government regulation?

Then I should thank you for raising my internet rates, making it harder to hold large banks accountable, taking away medicare and medicade support and cutting social security when your tax plan balloons the deficit? Like any politician, your words sound supportive, but the reality is something else again. You’re a party line supporter. And that party line is not drawn on the side of your average constituent.

At what expense? The American people. Yeah, a presidential policy where “undo” is the main goal does not inspire confidence or love. Working together, across all aisles and listening to all viewpoints to craft good bills/policies, edit out the bad parts of existing bills/policies and making society a better, safer, more inclusive place… that would be a great goal.

So when regulations disappear-corruption becomes common and then American people get screwed by the unregulated & greedy-shame on you, for taking away safeguards for regular Americans.

Whenever people talk about burdensome regulations, I’m reminded of the coal miner who said that regulations only happen when miners die.

If this is supposed to be a defense of your absolute failure to defend net neutrality, I want you to know that it falls on deaf ears.

You’ve been in Washington a long time. How did you “come to Washington to undo”? I also remember that you rode in on the Tea Party wave. Which, namely, was going to reduce the government deficit. How will this tax increase do that?

Seems to me your party intends to undo the Constitution.

Lie, cheat, and steal from consumers. It’s ok nobody’s watching! Not you? Then why do we need you?

You are nothing more than a GOP puppet. You don’t care about any of your constituents, you refuse to meet with us in any kind of town meeting or forum and you do what your Republican masters tell you. Your “To Do List” should be “To Do What the GOP Tells Me To Do List.” Also, we know that this post is about Net Neutrality even though you never mentioned it by name. You are a disgrace and I look forward to doing what I an to make sure you do not get another term.

What quality is there in simply undoing anything the previous president did? That just sounds like school yard shenanigans instead of adults serving the public. As always I hope to be wrong about you.

Of course you did, undo everything you can to improve your GOP pocketbooks. Anything that was helpful for the people you are wanting to undo including undoing taxes for the rich and undoing America to satisfy the party and putting us more in debt!!!!

…please, you are nothing more than a shill for trump who is a disgrace. Un-doing regulations is fine, but trump is simply undoing regulations because obama put them in place, and you know that to be true. He, and you, since you rubber stamp every move he makes, are ridiculous, and by your actions will be putting people in danger by some of the regulations you are haphazardly undoing. Do you even look at each and every one and why they are there, before you put it on the chopping block? As for the net neutrality, there is absolutely no reason for this, other than trump’s childish jealousy of obama. You, lady, should be ashamed that you follow meekly along with whatever this despicable buffoon does. I will never vote for you. You make me embarrassed for you.

10,000 dollars was all it took for you to be against Net Neutrality.

You’re a cheap date.

I am not too sure you want to be touting “a vote for me is a vote for Trump”.

Yeah, that’s going to be interesting to watch over the next eleven months.

Sorry to miss your town hall meeting via the telephone last night. Maybe you could call before 6:38 pm for a 6:00 pm start time. You know what would be even better? An actual, in person town hall meeting!

If your a business, it’s ok to plan your future and if that includes polluting the environment or exploiting people economically or manufacturing dangerous products, have at it.

Remove those regs that make a company that has hazarrdous material have safety plans, limits on how much can be stored, what can be stored together.

What could go wrong?

The old guys made a rule for a reason.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump is doing the Steve Bannon, alt-right shuffle in an attempt to downsize the Federal Government. I am surprised that you are a proponent of his white supremacist, hateful ideas that only serve to divide our country along hard political lines and fosters the belief that we no longer have a need for separate branches of government with oversight. Sadly this oversight is one of the few things that benefits the common man and keeps authoritarians from destroying what has taken over 200 years to evolve. It shows where your priorities lie and those are not with most of your constituents, just your donors.

Hmmm….so since you don’t represent your constituents best interests, does that mean we get to replace you? What are your thoughts on that? How about a town hall to discuss this?

Yep, 2018 is going to be really interesting.