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Representative Vicky Harzler (r) flew into Missouri today on Air Force One as a guest of Donald Trump:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
On the way to Missouri with @POTUS to tell Missourians how #taxreform will help their families.
8:22 AM – 29 Nov 2017

Some of the responses:

It won’t. It only helps the rich.

Two liars together, how grand for Missouri, add Blunt to the mix and there will be no stopping the lies. Hey, Vicky be sure to mention the cuts to Medicare and future cuts to Social Security when all these tax cuts blow up. #LiesMatter

Ma’am, not ONE non-partisan organization has come out in favor of this tax bill. It will end up raising taxes on those making $75k or less. You’re lying to your constituents. You’re only working for yourself and your donors. Shame on you. #TaxScamBill

You are not listening to your constituents, we DO NOT WANT THIS TAX BILL!! Oh wait, sorry, you’re all about corporate interests.

Stop lying to Missourians! We don’t want this tax bill! Thanks, but no thanks.

Don’t spit on my face and tell me it’s raining, Ms. Hartzler.

Tell him to change the plan so it helps people who make under $100,000 and not the upper 1%.

He is going to St. Charles and not St. Louis because St. Charles is the richest county in Missouri. This tax bill will hurt those making under $75k.

You must not be with many people, only helps the mega rich.

I’m sickened by potus daily spewing of hate, racism & division. His tweets today were unusually vile even for him. Trump is mentally unstable & you’re complacent. How far Vicky til we reach point of no return? Or have we already arrived there?

How do you feel about Trump supporting a global white supremacist movement? Do you think that is a Christian value?

This tax bill helps the rich & Corporations only and you know it, please announce that open enrollment for ACA ends December 15 and Missourians need to get coverage before then. And watch over the young women Trump likes to “grab them by the pussy” (his exact words)!

So in other words….to LIE to Missourians?? This state is full of people who make less than $75,000 a year ma’am who will get a tax INCREASE. We are not dumb or blind. This is a give away to the rich and it will cost alot of Congress its job if it goes through.

you are a liar

You’re tax bill screws the middle and lower income people. Screw you and trump for trying to get folks to believe your bullshit.

How about your support for pedophiles and retweeting terrorism propaganda. Can we talk about that?

It won’t. You are a liar. Hold a public town hall.

In the name of transparency, share with us how big YOUR tax cut will be.

You mean lie to them don’t you???? How can you live with yourself?????

Hitching your wagon to his is going to end your career.

Here…let me help you…IT WON’T. #voteno it’s a #DonorReliefPlan


Weird how every respectable economist says that you are wrong. Then again, since are too scared to meet with your constituents, you probably have no idea what would help Missouri families.