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Will it be the same one? Just asking.

Yesterday, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
I voted for Hurricane #Harvey relief earlier this week, but today’s CR ignores our defense needs. My statement:
10:13 AM – 8 Sep 2017

Well, no, let’s face it, you voted against Hurricane Harvey relief. Own it. You also voted against raising the debt limit to pay for what Congress has already spent. Do you have any idea what the failure to meet the obligations of the government would do to the country and its economy in a shutdown in the immediate aftermath of several large scale natural disasters? Evidently not.

Some of the Twitter responses:

“Bigot Vicky” (as He calls her) loves to use the military to push her hatred of #LGBTQ Americans who serve. Bigot Vicky never served #Shame

If your party’s defense bills were good, you wouldn’t have to tie it to an essential item like hurricane relief in order to get it passed.

Whatever. You’ll always just be remember for voting against funding Hurricane #HarveyReliefBill. Way to go.

Maybe… just maybe… more of your colleagues think it is important to help people in need than it is to buy another tank we won’t use?

How does it feel being ignored? Your constituents sure don’t like it.

You ignore having in-person town halls so the people that hired you can hear what is going on. So seems fair to me

We are not stupid. If your side prevailed, there would have been no money for hurricane relief. You can’t have it both ways.

The military can’t get by on the same budget year after year? Funny GOP thinks working people can.[….]

You have 3 months to work on a budget; however, noone to blame but GOP Leadership. To many non work days and August off with so much to do.

What defense needs? If you are talking military then you’re beyond deplorable. The DOD don’t need a God blessed dime with us dying out here

Running an empire is expensive

Go to Houston and see the destruction. Schools are cancelled for the year. People have no place to stay. Heartless Hartzler.


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