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That would be Missouri republicans.

Today in the U.S. House of Representatives:

H.R.601 – Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development Act
Notes: The measure is the expected vehicle for supplemental appropriations for disaster relief, increasing the debt limit, and funding the government through a continuing resolution.

H R 601      YEA-AND-NAY      8-Sep-2017      10:33 AM
QUESTION:  On Motion to Concur in the Senate Adt to the House Adt to the Senate Adt
BILL TITLE: Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development Act
—- YEAS    316 —
—- NAYS    90 —
Graves (MO)
Smith (MO)
—- NOT VOTING    27 —

Every Missouri republican in the House voted against disaster aid for the people and states affected by Hurricane Harvey.

They made excuses.

Representative Anne Wagner (r):

I promised the people of St. Charles, Jefferson, and St. Louis Counties that I would go to Washington to cut up the government’s credit card and put a stop to wasteful federal government spending. What Congress voted on today did neither. Tying reckless spending policy to desperately needed emergency disaster relief sums up what people, myself included, hate about Washington politics. Today should have been about providing emergency resources for disaster relief and recovery, not playing beltway politics and punting on our national debt.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Today, the House passed a continuing resolution to provide funding for the government for the remainder of the year. While I voted for funding for Hurricane Harvey flood relief earlier in the week and am glad they will get the help they need, that funding measure included legislation that freezes defense spending at current levels and ties the hands of our Defense Department, preventing them from making desperately needed investments to meet the threats we are facing….

No statements yet from the other four.