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Someone in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District has started an online fundraising campaign to pay Rep. Vick Hartzler (r) to actually have open public town halls in the district:

Rep. Hartzler’s AHCA Town Hall!

Vicky Hartzler represents almost 800,000 Missourians in 26 counties. But she hasn’t shown her face at a single town hall meeting. Maybe it’s because she keeps making big, unpopular decisions for Missouri, like voting for the AHCA, and she prefers to keep ignoring us. Here’s what the AHCA is predicted to accomplish:

– Increase premiums for older Americans by up to 5x.
– Cut nearly a trillion dollars from Medicaid over 10 years.
– Allow states to opt out of the most basic types of coverage.
– Cut taxes for the rich by $900 billion.
– Increase the costs of a healthy pregnancy to $17,600 while insured.
– Make healthcare inaccessible for 24 million people. 

For more information about the affects of the AHCA, read the bipartison Congressional Budget Office’s analysis and Vox’s analysis.


We are hoping to raise $17,600 for Representative Hartzler – the cost of a healthy pregnancy under the AHCA – to get her back in her district for in-person town hall meetings in at least three cities or towns in the next two months. Perhaps she can use this money to support the health of newborn babies, a constituency about which she is vocally passionate (see above). This is a unique opportunity for her to hear from her constituents.

We are tired of the lies that this legislation will somehow lower costs while keeping healthcare accessible. This is not true. The premise of health insurance is that everyone pays a little bit for the greater good. They make it work in every other developed country – why not ours?

Vicky, join us for a town hall and justify your choices – we’ll even pay you!


That would be a probability of zero.


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