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Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

Senator Roy Blunt on Facebook today:

Senator Roy Blunt — US Senator for Missouri
Discussed the widespread failures of Obamacare this morning on Fox News’ Happening Now. With less access and higher premiums, it’s clear the current system is just not serving Americans well and it has to be changed.

Some of the responses:

“Less access” should be on your business card, Mr. I-Don’t-Hold-Town-Halls / ignore email and snail mail from constituents/ unplugged my fax machine so I can forget that I’m about to ruin the lives of the people who voted me into this position… as a public servant, you’re an utter disgrace and I wouldn’t trust you to tie my shoe, let alone decide how we should structure 1/6th of the US Economy.

Single payer. Now. Let’s join the rest of the world on this, shall we?

VOTE NO! Do not repeal ACA until there is something better than what is offered now!


And your plan of taking away insurance from the poor so you can give a tax break to the rich is better how? Why don’t you have a townhall so we can discuss. Worthless POS.

Blunt is a paid by insurance companies to raise our premiums !

We need a public option. #SinglePayerHealthcare

The current system has saved many lives already. If you’re truly pro-life, you will admit that Obamacare saves lives. And the bill from the House will cause the loss of many lives.

explain and give examples who in Missouri has less care under the ACA then before? As to the cost who had cost go up on the same policy in excess of inflation. Stories I heard the old policy was in name only. The “policy” did not cover much, no preventive care/ immunizations, lab test, any outpatient.

Blunt needs to be voted out. He votes strictly by party lines and cares nada for Missouri constituents.

We’ll have to wait until 2022.

Your new plan has even less access and even higher premiums! Repeal suddenly became Repeal/Replace after the election. Stop lying Senator Blunt. I urge all Missourians to vote against him in the future if he votes for this plan in any form.

Again, we’ll have to wait until 2022.

Way to twist things to fit your agenda Senator. You & your party help spread the uncertainy & fear of failure until you make it a reality. We all see right through your lies & deception. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr Blunt.

Universal health care is the answer.

There are very real and life ENDING/altering consequences for this! Look in your heart, examine your holy book, think! What would your religion ask of you when confronted with a child who’s life could be saved except that he can’t pay for medicine? What would you heart tell you to do if you saw someone being beaten by their spouse? Is your first thought to check their pockets for cash when you find someone who is weak, sick, poor? Then why in the name of everything good can you not see that YOU saying ANYTHING positive about this makes you culpable for it?

Smh….. You can talk to Fox but can’t answer phone, fax, or e-mail.

Or hold open public town halls in Missouri.

Single payer. Not tax cuts for the rich.

I have medical insurance! I won’t have if you decimate the ACA. I’m a small business owner. I want to stay in business. Stop doing this!

Please don’t be in a hurry to dismantle what has done so much for so many! Just fix it. Unfortunately, it could have been done years ago if the Republicans hadn’t been so stubborn!

This message is brought to you by the people who payed for it…multi-national insurance conglomerates

There are problems but those were and are recognized. A giant tax cut isn’t the solution for providing low income health care efficiently


The present ACA with a few changes would work well for the majority of Americans.The trump/Ryan version is a disaster.So very disappointed with your views on this crucial issue.It seems that you and many of your peers have no interest or intention of doing what would benefit the majority of Americans.

Clearly the ACA served the majority of people who follow you on Facebook pretty well. When will you tell our stories? Here’s mine: I got great coverage for $75 a month when I lived in Columbia. That would have been impossible ten years ago. We are calling you and we are angry, listen to us or lose your job! Blindly following your party’s line to your constituents’ detriment goes against everything this country was founded for!

Easy thing to say when you don’t participate in the system and you’re too big of a coward to face your constituents.

Single payer.

Congress and insurance companies have spent all their effort to make it fail. Then act surprised or proud of themselves that they broke it.

Congress withheld money from the high risk pool which forced insurance companies to absorb more cost which forced them to drop out.

But some how there’s a lot more money for Trump’s high risk pools.

Except the way y’all are taking it looks like it’ll get worse

How you continue to be re-elected is beyond me.

It’s working better now than before there was a law, and with the tax break you want to give to your billionaire buddies will bankrupt us all!!!!!!!

How are you not hearing the American public who is crying out not to repeal and replace?? How are you going to sleep at night knowing how many people you are denying healthcare to?

I eagerly await your corporate talking points.

Interesting that you call ACA Obamacare. I called your office in Springfield yesterday, and when I called it Obamacare, they corrected me and said ACA.

Minor point to be sure, the major issue is that yes there are things about ACA that needs some fixing, however the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) numbers don’t support your claim that the ACHA would provide greater access and lower premiums BEFORE the Amendment that was tacked on and then pushed through on the House Bill. It’s clear that said amendment will decrease even further access to insurance as well as increase the cost, especially to those with pre-existing conditions as well as older American’s and lower income American’s.

Your constituants, as well as the entire nation will be watching what changes the Senate makes to the bill. Your office assured me they were rewriting. Whether the Senate version will be a good thing or not is yet to be seen. But be sure, you and the GOP will be judged on what the all male (where are the women?) committee comes up with.

Your years of obstruction, coupled with lack of cooperation by insurance companies are finally achieving your sick goal of killing ACA, regardless of who may be harmed. Instead of trying to help your constituents by improving the workable existing plan you continue to pursue the partisan goal of erasing any and all Obama legacy. And after all these years you don’t even have a skeleton of a workable plan? You are beneath contempt, unworthy even of the time I just spent writing this.

More like the widespread failure of Missouri to implement all the changes. I have Blue Cross insurance through my work (Tennessee) and the rates are less than half of what I was paying for the exact same Blue Cross plan here in Missouri. The difference is Tennessee did Obamacare the way it was supposed to be.

The simple, effective solution is to open Medicare to anyone, then set premiums and the existing tax to cover costs. Why not try to do the right thing for people, not just big corporations?

You lie. People will die!!!

ObamaCare is doing some really good things, though. I’m happy with several things in it.

The AHCA/TrumpCare, on the other hand, isn’t good at all. It doesn’t help people. And it’s going to harm many, many people. Including friends and family.

How about this novel idea….healthcare for everyone regardless of income…

Improving the House bill is gov speak for bigger giveaways to corporations and the rich. He knows where his campaign bribes come from.

How about you and your family stop taking so much lobby money and work for us for a change.

So far, it is serving me just fine. I get access to health care on my own despite my type 1 diabetes. Do you actually talk to people about their experience with the ACA or do you just assume that its a failure because Obama and the Democrats enacted it? Here’s a thought, talk to consumers, doctors, nurses, people who have chronic illnesses, those who might be able to educate you about something instead of pretending you know it all.

IS THIS A JOKE?! People are going to die because of this. In my opinion, any support for DONTcare (as a friend so aptly named it) makes you an accessory to murder. You should be ashamed!

Nah, Senator Blunt (r) isn’t going to be holding any public town halls in Missouri…ever.


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