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….Who’s that yonder, dressed in black? 
Must be the hypocrites a-turnin’ back

Oh won’t you sit down? 
Lord, I can’t sit down….

The right wingnut majority in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to gut health care for millions of Americans by implementing Trumpcare. Among them was Representative Vicky Hartzler (r).

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

From Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) this afternoon, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
#AHCA is the first step towards building a fair system that empowers Americans, not the government, to make their own health care decisions.
1:24 PM – 4 May 2017

So very proud, isn’t she?

Some of the responses:

I called your office this morning. Your assistant asked what my concern was. I asked that you consider a “No” vote. She hung up on me.

How is that any way to treat your constituents. You know, the people you work for and are supposed to represent?

Taking away healthcare from 24 million Americans & putting the powerful interest groups in charge is nothing to celebrate. VOTE YOU OUT!

It’s official. You’re basically a murderer.

but House voted to be exempt from this? hypocrites.this is supposed to be good for American citizens but it isn’t good enough for Congress?!

Wow! After bragging that you pray for #MO4, you vote to remove healthcare for your constituents.
Very Christlike. #ACA

Liar…polish up that resume. When your base (boomers & seniors) see what you have done to their HC you are done.

No, it’s the first step toward the unnecessary harm to, and death of, millions of Americans. I hope you’re happy. #votethemout #Trumpcare

With respect, how exactly do you reconcile taking part in the National Day of Prayer with passing a bill that punishes the sick and poor?

And yet you are exempted? Why is that fair?

Ya right the rich keep getting richer

It’s the first step to tons of people losing insurance. Going to give money to your opponent right now.

Why wasn’t there 3 days of public debate on this bill? What are you hiding?

Very disappointed in you…but not surprised in the least. Can’t wait for 2018!!

I will remember your vote today. I will never support you running for any office. I will ask Camden Co voters to do the same.

It is a sad day for your constituents. The ones you are supposed to be representing not the DC establishment. 2018 cannot come soon enough.

Great job! Voted for a bill that is bad for your constituents and they don’t want. Guess you don’t want to keep your job.

Looking forward to doing everything I possibly can to ensure you don’t get reelected. Shame on you.

Why not wait until the CBO released its score first? Maybe those howls against ACA weren’t really about process after all.

Hypocrisy from right wingnut republicans? Say it ain’t so…

You’re disgusting. I guess you’re only pro-life when it comes to the unborn. Once they’re out in the world, you stop caring about them.

I have no words to express the depths of my anger and disgust with you. I can only hope the fools who voted for you will finally wake up.

Explain this to constituents in a town hall.

That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

You just threw my son to the wolves for having been born with congenital heart disease, in order to give the rich tax cuts. You disgust me.

what good is decision making when those of us with pre-existing conditions’ can’t afford any of the options?

“You are killing me”

A cursory glance at the preexisting conditions that are not covered under the AHCA suggests you might not understand the meaning of “fair.”

I plan to do everything I can to see her voted out of office and back to obscurity where she belongs.

You are a coward and a liar

You kno nothing about insurance. insurance companies make all decisions, they always have! You just gave them control over life & death.

I am 100% disgusted and ashamed that my representative would vote in favor of this horrendous bill. I AM AGAINST AHCA!

No it’s he 1st step towards millions losing healthcare and dying. If it’s so great why did Congress exempt themselves? #VickiHartless

How can you be so blind and deluded, @RepHartzler? This ridiculous move will crush Americans and lead to many deaths. But you don’t care.

thanks for taking away my healthcare. You are the best.

Uh, right wingnut republicans don’t get sarcasm.

This tweet proves how clueless you are.

How DARE you take away people’s health care & force huge premium increases?!?!? You aren’t listening to your constituents!


2018 can’t come soon enough.

Congrats. I have depression and autism, two things that knock me off of getting coverage. Thank you for making me scared to get medical help

You sold your soul to the devil for greed. Your constituents wanted better care, not more expensive plans that cover less.

I don’t feel “empowered” as your constituent when you fail to address our concerns. I dare you to hold a town hall. I dare you. #NoAHCA

Please post when your next town hall is going to take place. Thank you.

Why can’t the people you represent have the same health care benefits of Congress? #youfail

@RepHartzler is super pro life! Unless you have a pre existing condition…or you’re poor…or you’re a refugee…

In fact, if you’re not a wealthy, white, christian could you just go ahead and die so Vicky doesn’t have to be bothered? Time=money, folks.

Hold a town hall, let’s see if you can look your constituents in the eye while you tell them their lives weren’t worth fighting for.

cool story, so when will you be holding a town hall? And where should I donate against you? Thanks

Your lies are unbecoming Miss Vickie. 24 million will lose what little they have and the republicans are celebrating ‘cuz they got rich!

When and where will you be having a town hall? I want to see you lie in person! Coward.

The reviews are in.