….Who’s that yonder, dressed in black? 
Must be the hypocrites a-turnin’ back

Oh won’t you sit down? 
Lord, I can’t sit down….

The right wingnut majority in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to gut health care for millions of Americans by implementing Trumpcare. Among them was Representative Billy Long (r), who very publicly switched his vote in the past few days.

Representative Billy Long (r) [2016 file photo].

From Representative Billy Long (r) this afternoon, via Twitter:

U.S. Rep. Billy Long‏ @USRepLong
Today House Republicans made good on their promise. Read my full statement here on the passage of the #AHCA [….]
1:37 PM – 4 May 2017

Some of the responses:

We will not forget. The largest in an ever growing list of embarrassments that will unseat you.

This is nothing to be proud of. You will NOT be re-elected in 2018. We WILL NOT forget this.

You have failed Missouri the people. There is no way to talk your way out of this

This is what U voted for. Shame on you for selling your soul to #trump rather than protect Missourians!

You failed the people!

We get it Billy, your body couldn’t handle doing the right thing for more than 12 hours…

You just signed your termination papers. If you hadn’t flipflopped and betrayed your constituents, we could have stopped this. You’re done.

You should be ashamed. But of course you won’t be. Perhaps your grandkids will feel the shame for you one day. Now get back to your poker $$

Nope. You’re a traitor and we wont forget. You only care about $ and your corp donors. Sold us out on preexisting condis. #PrimaryBillyLong

Thank you, sir, for having the courage to screw the rest of us over.

Uh, right wingnut republicans don’t get sarcasm. Ever.

Thank you for proving yet again how little you care about women, minorities, children…really, anyone who’s not a rich white male.

You’ve failed us. Floods, homes and lives destroyed and now you’re taking away medical coverage. Hold a town hall.

Uh, you could probably bet money that won’t happen anytime soon.

Today, I make this solemn vow, to see YOU repealed and replaced. That will truly be something to celebrate!

Did your premiums go up because of your BMI?

All you did was hurt your constituents. Period.

Hurting the sick feel pretty good? Keep licking your chops.

We understand the republicans in the House boarded party buses for a trip to Trump’s White House to celebrate.

You fixed nothing. You want to give tax breaks to people who do not need them. BTW – quit hiding behind the pro-life crap. Sellout.

You have no idea of the impact to your constituents.
Members of Congress are exempt.
I doubt you’ve read what you voted on.

And we will make good on our promise to remove you.

People will remember what you did

Good job on caving to trump on a bill that hasn’t been vetted by the CBO. It just cost you your job

I am ashamed to be represented by the likes of you, Congressman.

I really hope this vote against Americans costs you your job. I’m just one vote but, you won’t get mine.

What did trump offer you?? Was it worth it?? I hope you can sleep well at night knowing you sold us out.

Ppl will remember who took their healthcare and benefits away


You failed the people. We won’t forget!!!!

Being happy about TrumpCare is like being happy to learn that your Doctor graduated from Trump University.

Point well taken.

You are a spineless piece of trash. Ppl will die from this.

your district will never forget how you betrayed them with your vote on the #ahca

So you were against it yesterday but you caved…Had Enough ? You bet I have !

Republican TrumpScare: “an act of monstrous cruelty. It should stain those who supported it to the end of their days.” It will.

We better see you in your office Monday Mr. REPRESENTATIVE! EXPECT A BIG ANGRY CROWD!!!

Trump-Billy I really need you. Billy-cool, what’s in it for me? MO doesn’t need affordable healthcare. Screw them! Let’s go to Vegas.

Couldn’t stand up to trump won’t have a town hall have no idea what your call want hope you still have insurance when we fire you

You’re disgusting. Celebrating taking healthcare away from those who need it most. Sell out.

You didn’t do us any favors just a big tax cut for the wealthy as usual trump really pulled wool over your eyes he will pull all of you down

Billy Long is full of shit. Shocking!

Evidently they’re not too happy about this.


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