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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r), via Twitter:


Rep. Vicky Hartzler‏ @RepHartzler
Obamacare has failed Americans. We must do better. I’m looking forward to making healthcare more affordable for ALL Americans. #BetterWay
10:03 AM – 2 Mar 2017

Much hilarity ensued. Some of the responses:

@RepHartzler why don’t you start with meeting your constituents? They have concerns.

I appreciate how @RepHartzler talks about ALL Americans, when she really means “ALL the wealthy Americans impacted by its taxes”

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP If you reall’y want to make healthcare affordable for all Americans you’d pass single payer healthcare #PartyOfDeath

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP there are a lot of people who would not be alive today if it were not for Obamacare. You’re wrong #PartyOfDeath

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP Congressional Rs have failed Americans. And have reveled in doing so.

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP Obamacare was undermined at every turn by the #PartyOfDeath the #GOP Killing Obamacare kills American citizens

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP When are you going to make yours public so we can make fun of it?

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP give us your health care plan!

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP the only thing failing the American people are the Republicans. Get it together. #investigaterussia #impeachtrump

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP Let me know when you have figured it out. So far the Rep’s have nothing. Fix and repair.

All they got was potentially life saving coverage they’d been previously denied, what a failure! Only millions got insured! @RepHartzler

@RepHartzler no it hasn’t. Maybe if u attended a town hall mtg you’d know better! My wife & I are both insured ONLY bc of #ACA

@RepHartzler Keep the Affordable Care Act.

@RepHartzler Obamacare has SAVED many American LIVES and helped many receive adequate medical care. IMPROVE, don’t DESTROY.

@RepHartzler HOW????

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP Awesome! Now can we get a few details about the new plan? PLEASE

@RepHartzler you have failed me. I voted for you. Bet i won’t repeat that mistake. We will remember you did NOTHING about #TrumpRussia

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP and Republicans are failing US!

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP the pain you all cause sick people nationwide daily is enormous #PartyOfDeath is this really who you want to be?

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP Obamacare has saved millions of Americans. Get back to work.

@RepHartzler Actually you and Republicans have failed to fix Obamacare to make it work. #TherewasaBetterWay

@RepHartzler you refuse to recognize the portions of the Affordable Care Act that are working because you’re playing partisan games

@RepHartzler please stop with the partial truths. There are portions of the ACA that are working well. why do you refuse to recognize that?

@RepHartzler Lying under oath also fails Americans – are you concerned about that? Or is it your typical #partybeforecountry?

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP My daughter will likely go to an early grave if the #PartyOfDeath repeals Obamacare.

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP Except if you have pre existing condition or older and don’t have a lot of money.

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP yeah, work on indictment against @jeffsessions, we must enforce existing laws #Sessions #indictsessions #Trumprussia

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Actually #Obamacare saved my life : spreading Lies Vicky : We’ll hold you to word, cheaper would be free

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP didn’t fail my son who has a brain tumor, didn’t fail my mother who suffers from HEP C and had pre existing condition

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP Obamacare is not 100% failed..Obamacare give a health insurance care for American,Obamacare is good..Don’t repeal it.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Has it? It’s worked well for a member of my family. Perhaps you both should listen to ur constituents.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan True but i can’t get enough of this Affordable Care Act, its working great.

Ah, sarcasm. I think.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan it worked for me. stop lying

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan How in the hf has it failed Americans? You know what’s failed Americans? The goddam GOP.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan keep talking healthcare while your POTUS admin implodes. This #russiagate is taking your legislative time away

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Ahhh…Lyin Ryan has a new shill working for him…Don’t believe him, don’t believe you. Mid class gets hurt again

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Same stale comments from R’s without any hint of an actual solution or plan. You’ve had years and have nothing!

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan – and your plan? Yeah…crickets. Sad!

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan you guys have no idea what you’re doing. Your ship is sinking. Speak out against #russiagate #FireSessions do it

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Both of you have failed the wkg class. Yet you are yanking healthcare from the less fortunate for personal gain.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan @HouseGOP @GOP
All talk, for 7 years, and have no plan & now understand that it’s complicated. Y’all are incapable

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Aren’t you ashamed to be repeating a LIE? Oh, wait lying is a major Republican tool, they lie about EVERYTHING!

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Well so far every plan you guys have floated will cause the deaths of thousands. #BloodOnYourHands #KeepTrying

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan well you had seven years to come up with it so let’s see it. That’s right, nothing!! you have nothing!!#LIAR

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan #ACA saved my life. Got free check-up, boom, cancer found. Had not been able to get insurance for 5 yrs prior.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan What you really mean is tax cuts for the rich can’t be done unless you remove the ACA subsidy…which will force millions to lose healthcare

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan a secret way that no one can read yet?

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan 7 years. Times up!! Let’s see your great plan that doesn’t leave millions without health insurance. Waiting……

@RepHartzler @GOP has had years and years to come up with something. All they did was vote over 60 times to repeal ACA-unsuccessfully.

@RepHartzler @HouseGOP ALL Americans, except for women. They’re just pre-existing conditions. Or ‘hosts’.

@RepHartzler You have an AG who just lied under oath and you’re doing jack. *YOU* have failed Americans. Can we repeal you? Greedy, no-good hack. #GTFO

@RepHartzler YOUR PARTY IS FAILING AMERICANS. It’s an embarrassment and a complete perversion of American decency. #goodbye

@RepHartzler Saying it over and over doesn’t make it true. Everyone I know has been helped by Obamacare. Stop forcing it to fail.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan Your plan must be crap or you wouldn’t be hiding it from the American people!

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan in all seriousness please tell me how the ACA has failed Americans. Especially those with pre-existing condition

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan It’s worked pretty well for me.

@RepHartzler @SpeakerRyan I’m looking forward to the day Repub actually do something for average Americans, whats ur plan genius?

An optimist.


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