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Only a slight indication.

Friday, via Twitter, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):


Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler
We want every American to have access to affordable, quality health insurance that meets their needs. [….]
9:05 AM – 24 Feb 2017

The Faux News Channel? Really, republicans are still beating that dead horse?

A significant (and representative) chunk of the responses:

@RepHartzler 3 generations making America great. Marchers we’re not a “pornographic fringe.” You’re embarrassing.

@RepHartzler I have a question about the “pornographic signs” at Women’s March & other demonstrations. Were they more offensive than this? [Donald Trump audio quote]

@RepHartzler “Having access to” doesn’t mean “having” #healthcare – nice buzzwords, though.#GOPFail #SaveACA #DoYourJob #Resistance

@RepHartzler and you claim this with a giant Fox News logo? Seriously? How about finding out what your Constituents really want?

@RepHartzler do your job! Represent the people not special interests! Investigate AND impeach the Putin puppet. or are you in on coverup?

@RepHartzler You care so much about healthcare that you didn’t show up at the Healthcare #Townhall constituents invited you to. #WheresVicky

@RepHartzler Why don’t you actually talk to your constituents about health care instead of calling us names?

@RepHartzler Why not fix the problems with the system and move on? #affordablecareact #norepeal

@RepHartzler the radical fringe is Bannon-45 & you!

@RepHartzler as soon as you mention Fox News , you are disqualified from having any credibility. ps. DO YOUR JOB HOLD TOWNHALL MEETINGS!

@RepHartzler Are you with your people at CPAC today and waving your Russian Trump flag?

@RepHartzler so glad to hear you will protect Americans’ rights to affordable health care and keep the ACA in place! Thank you.

That may have been sarcasm. These days it can be difficult to tell the difference.

@RepHartzler Then repair ACA and leave it alone.

@RepHartzler “What’s not been reported” is your delusion. @womensmarch signs varied. Some cheeky, some provocative, ALL you should read.

@RepHartzler instead of doing a town hall and facing your constituents you write an opinion piece? Horrendous. More to follow.

@RepHartzler Key word being access. Still trying to reach your office with my concerns but your mail full now for 3 days. Do your job!

Yeah, funny that.

@RepHartzler called ur office EVERY DAY 4 2 weeks no answer on why no town hall & now banned press…I vow to see u OUT OF OFFICE

@RepHartzler IF that were true you would demand a better plan than Better Way which only benefits insurance companies & others.

We can’t wait for the next open public town hall in the district. If something like that will ever happen again.


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