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It’s hot out there today.

John Brunner (r) campaign literature. Interestingly, there's no union bug.

John Brunner (r) campaign literature. Interestingly, there’s no union bug.

This afternoon our doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood a pleasant young man wearing a John Brunner (r) campaign t-shirt. He introduced himself and then asked if he could ask me a few questions, consulting the tablet he held in his hand. I told him, “Sure.” He asked me if I would be voting in the republican primary. I answered, “No.” My response seemed to take him aback. He went on, “Okay, could I ask you what is the most important issue we’re facing in Missouri?” “Yeah, Medicaid expansion.” He smiled. We engaged in conversation for a minute or so, me asking him about the process of canvassing and also asking him if he had enough water. I mentioned that I had been seeing a lot of campaign television ads and that the clutter made them ineffective. At one point he told me they were encountering a lot of Democrats. I remarked that this is the first time I’d encountered an organized canvass in my neighborhood from a statewide republican candidate. I reminded him to keep drink watering. He handed me a campaign brochure, shook my hand, and then went on his way.


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