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Apparently there are attack ads already running in the republican gubernatorial primary. I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.

John Brunner’s (r) gubernatorial campaign released the following statement today:

News from the Trail
Statement on “LG PAC” Commercial
June 04, 2016

“It’s no surprise that John Brunner is being targeted by special interests with flat-out lies. John is the only candidate who can’t be bought and who is not looking to start, extend or jump-start a political career. The special interests have good reason to fear John Brunner as Missouri’s next governor, because John will stand up for ‘We the people’ to take our government back from the special interests, and get Missouri back on the right track.”

-Campaign spokesman Mike Hafner

LG PAC? It’s brand new, according to the Federal Election Commission:

FILING FEC-1072153
520 West 103rd Street
Suite 243
Kansas City, MO 64114
Email: lgpoliticalactioncommittee@outlook.com
2. Date: 05/13/2016
3. FEC Committee ID #: C00617340
This committee supports/opposes more than one Federal candidate and is NOT a separate segregated fund or a party committee.
Affiliated Committees/Organizations
Custodian of Records:
Hank Monsees
520 West 103rd Street
Suite 243
Kansas City, MO 64114
Hank Monsees
520 West 103rd Street
Suite 243
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
Designated Agent(s):
Banks or Depositories
Chain Bridge Bank
1445-A Laughlin Avenue
McLean, Virginia 22101
Signed: Hank Monsees
Date Signed: 05/16/2016

And their purpose?:


STATION ISSUE ADVERTISING REQUEST SHEET (to be filled out and kept on file for public inspection)
To: Public File
Station: KSHB
From: Erin Coppock
Date: June 2, 2016
Does the programming (in whole or in part) communicate a message relating to any political matter of national importance? [x] Yes
Issue: Anti John Brunner
Candidate Mentioned: John Brunner Election Mentioned: State Primary 8/2
Sponsor: LG PAC
Address: 520 West 103rd St Suite 24
Kansas City, MO 64114
Executive Officer(s): Hank Monsees Title: Treasurer

Tell it to Bill Clinton. Welcome to the show.