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It’s all over except for the handwringing.

We stumbled across a social media post (ain’t the Internets wonderful?) that mentions us:

….Dedicated Democratic supporters that have dutifully paid their dues sneer in our direction, jest that we’re short-lived, and publicly doubt our convictions. “Bought the T-shirt, actually showed up” was the photo caption in our regional progressive newsletter highlighting the 4th Congressional District Convention. The photo depicted a man wearing a Bernie T-shirt. What they didn’t notice was Thomas Semkiw had given hours of his senior year in High School to phone bank, canvass, and rally. Thomas was reduced to a T-shirt and a snide remark. His identity, contributions and convictions had been obscured by entitlement….

“…our regional progressive newsletter…”

Uh, we’re a blog. We ain’t no stinkin’ newsletter. It is nice to know you have read us at least once.

“…Thomas was reduced to a T-shirt and a snide remark…”


Bought the t-shirt, actually showed up.

Bought the t-shirt, actually showed up.



Lighten up. Unless there’s something in a detail in the photo we missed like “My name is Thomas and I volunteered a lot” printed on the back of the t-shirt, who among our dozens of readers would know of our cruel disparagement directed at outing Thomas and his good works? Now they know because of someone’s social media handwringing.

A little later:

…Inclusion isn’t even on the menu! If card-carrying Democrats wanted to grow their party, they would invite us, guide us, and include us in the process. By limiting our involvement, excluding our voice, and abandoning us as a novelty, the Democratic party is showing us its elitism…

Uh, you were there, weren’t you? How is that not inclusion? Or is that excluding voices? Just asking. Well, okay, maybe you got us on the novelty part. Show up in 2016 and 2018 just to shame us for our oppressive sarcasm.

I swear I’ve never felt elitist. Just stubborn and exhausted, but always still in the fight.

Maybe those who aren’t in the true believers club should all roll over and play dead? Would that show sufficient respect? Just asking.

And the post closes with:

…You want us to vote in November – but only on your terms. Bernie’s supporters will not abide…

You and Ralph Nader.

Politics ain’t pattycake. I know from experience. I have that 2003 vintage orange t-shirt (somewhere) from Indianola, Iowa as a reminder.


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