Okay, let’s refine that a bit. If your candidate is Donald Trump (r) you are an idiot. He’s mean and he has a whole host of other very serious disqualifying faults. If he becomes president our only hope is for a giant asteroid to strike at a direct angle and reboot the entire planet. If your candidate is Ted Cruz (r) you’re an idiot. Ted Cruz is insane. If you think Ted Cruz should be president you’re insane. If your candidate is John Kasich (r) because he’s a moderate you’re an idiot. There is no such thing as a moderate republican anymore. John Kasich helped create the modern republican party.

A previous post this past week generated a lot of traffic and a fair bit of interest via social media. We got more than our usual complete lack of comments. Amateur fans of candidates looking to pick a fight are truly sad and pathetic when they encounter those among us who cut our online teeth as troll hunters for a previous presidential campaign or who currently do so for a national A list political blog. Don’t even think to try us. We’ll delete your 2000 word dissertation on the righteousness of your cause, written with the vocabulary of a first grader and the angst of thirteen year old, faster than we can blink.

This ain’t our first rodeo. Here at Show Me Progress we all have a lot of experience in politics and with party primaries. Each of us has gone through a number of presidential campaigns, supporting one Democratic Party candidate or another. Each of us has worked in the trenches in presidential campaigns, working the phones, doing the literature drops, going door to door, doing you name it. We all survived the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primary process even though we supported different candidates because we all knew (and still do) what was at stake.

Politics ain’t a game. It’s a serious business with very serious consequences for everyone. None of us need your forgiveness for believing such and acting on it.

For any of you first time activists buying the t-shirt, going to a rally, sending a social media message to three of your closest friends, and maybe remembering to vote you might note that this does not political expertise make. You’re enthusiastic? Great! I’ll be much more impressed if at a minimum you remember to bother to show up to vote in 2018. Until that happens you can expect nothing but skepticism about you political insights and participatory persistence from me.

You want to display your political savvy about the presidential nomination process? Stop uncritically regurgitating cable network news blather (we repeat ourselves) and republican memes about Democratic Party candidates. Learn to count and do math. Try to display some smidgen of understanding about the delegate selection process from state to state and at least show some understanding that each party has significantly different delegate selection rules. Hello? Fifteen percent minimum threshold?

You’ve recirculated breathless crap about one candidate or another “flipping” delegates in Missouri? We never get out of junior high school. Grow up. Read the Missouri Democratic Party delegate selection plan. No, I’m not going to give you the link. If you can breathe and you’re sentient it’s the simplest of online searches. We’ll wait while you finish sharing the latest cat video with a hokey meme about your candidate.

Don’t piss off the old timers. Show some respect for their previous battles and scars. Besides, they know and may have created some of those arcane (to you) rules which may enable them to metaphorically rip your still beating political heart out of your chest and crush it in their hands before your eyes. It’s those little things that bring us the most joy.

Oh, I may even like your candidate, but you’re still an idiot. And all you damn kids keep off my lawn.


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