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Nothing seems to upset right wingnut constituents more than than the concept that government functions for somebody other than themselves.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) on her vote on funding the government, via Twitter:


Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler
It’s not perfect, but today’s legislation gives America more conservative policies than the alternative. [….] 11:43 AM – 18 Dec 2015

From Representative Hartzler’s (r) press release, with some of the goodies she likes:

Hartzler Votes to Fund the Government, Turns Gaze to 2016

WASHINGTON—Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) today voted to pass H.R. 2029, a bill to fund government activities through the end of the 2016 fiscal year.

“Missourians and Americans across the country want to focus on the holidays and spending time with their families,” Hartzler started. “They do not need to worry that the government isn’t going to be available when they need it. This package provides the certainty Americans need that their social security checks will go out on time, the Department of Homeland Security will have the resources it needs to keep them safe as they travel to see loved ones, and Congress will be able to focus on other American priorities as it goes forward.”


….does not fund the President’s climate change initiatives within Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and National Protection Programs Directorate (NPPD) within DHS.


….cuts EPA funding by $452 million below the President’s request, holding the agency to its lowest funding levels since 2008 and its lowest staffing levels since 1989;

….provides local schools increased relief from whole grain and sodium nutritional standards in school lunches.


….prohibits funding for the “light bulb” standard regulations, allowing Americans to continue buying affordable incandescent light bulbs.


….maintains existing protections that prohibit the use of federal funding for abortion….

….increases funding for abstinence education.


Because climate change isn’t happening? Because we all want to breathe crappy air and drink poisoned water? Because whole grains are bad for our children and more salt in their diet is so very good for them? Because incandescent light bulbs equal freedom! Because abstinence only education works so well?


Some of the social media replies, from unhappy right wingnuts:


Mitchell Cowan ‏@mackelby
@RepHartzler It was a complete disaster and you are to blame. Sickened by your progressive votes and attitude. 11:46 AM – 18 Dec 2015

Uh, that’s really not the definition of progressive. Just pointing that out for you. The same individual continues with their upset, promising action:


Mitchell Cowan ‏@mackelby
@RepHartzler I will vote dem next time so we can finish off America and start rebuilding. 11:46 AM – 18 Dec 2015

Uh, if you really want to finish off America vote to put another underachieving Bush in the White House. The last one damn near completed that job. Otherwise, I’m sure Hillary Clinton or Martin O’Malley or Bernie Sanders will appreciate your vote in 2016.


Farmstead Realty ‏@FarmsteadRealty Dec 18
@RepHartzler If it wasn’t perfect you don’t vote for it. You should be ashamed. It gives Obama everything he wanted. 11:49 AM – 18 Dec 2015

Apparently President Obama is really missing those incandescent light bulbs.


realbigstriper ‏@realbigstriper
@RepHartzler and we will remember your vote 11:56 AM – 18 Dec 2015

And everyone else is thinking: “The next election is eleven months away, nah…”


Amber Hartenbower ‏@AHartenbower
@RepHartzler If it’s not perfect, you vote no. Way to screw over Americans, but, hey, you keep your cushy job, right? 11:57 AM – 18 Dec 2015

Uh, technically, she did that when she (probably) supported George W. Bush for president. The screw over Americans part that is.


Jeff Wayman ‏@PetsandPucks
@RepHartzler by “not perfect”, I can only assume you mean an evil monstrosity. You should be ashamed of voting for it. 1:04 PM – 18 Dec 2015

It’s the light bulb part that upset you, isn’t it? But will you remember that in November 2016? Nah.


Larry Myers ‏@lmyersloz
@RepHartzler That is a cowardly and misleading statement. What essential functions would have stopped? None. You no longer have my support. 2:37 PM – 18 Dec 2015

Let’s hear it for whole grains!

The storm on Facebook is quite similar. A sampling of the responses:

[….] I’m sorry you supported the Obama Spending Bill Budget that provides funding for bringing in more Muslim terrorists, keeping Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. Democrats are gleeful and we the people (including unborn babies) are the losers again.

They didn’t notice all the anti-abortion stuff? There’s no pleasing some people.

[….] Et tu, Brutus?

Ah, a classicist.

[….] I am thinking when she holds town hall meetings we should attend, but not mouth at her, but instead stand and turn our backs to her when she begins speaking.

Yeah, that’ll certainly show her. While we’re at it, let’s put on a play!

[….] Thanks for selling us out again. You are not a conservative like you tried to say you were. You have lied and cheated to the people way to many times. We need someone who represents and will listen to the people not the establishment GOP. We are sick of this we want the person who will not bow to special interest groups. Enjoy your last time in Washington DC because if I can help it you won’t be going back next election.

Promises, promises…

[….] Explain just why you are different than a Democrat?


We just love social media. It’s so Democratic.