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On Facebook yesterday:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler

In my latest newsletter I talk about my anti-drug initiative, making our troops a priority, dismantling Obamacare, and more. [….]

A couple of the responses:

[….] You say “… President Obama’s veto (of NADA) stems not from a discrepancy in defense policy, but rather his desire to spend more on domestic and social programs. ” The veto was actually due to the fact that the GOP did an end run around the sequester limits for defense. If GOP doesn’t like the sequester limits, abolish the law but don’t cheat and ignore the law

[….] Almost everything you say in your letter is either a distortion of the facts or out right lies. I can’t believe that anyone who is educated or even aware would vote for you. You don’t care about women’s health. You deliberately assert that federal funds are used for abortions by Planned Parenthood which is a lie. How is it that millions more Americans and thousand of your constituents getting health care is bad? Now you are proud of being another Benghaziish panel that will cost millions of tax payer dollars to prove nothing other than you are again on the wrong side of the truth. You should be investigating the groups who put out the videos that have been debunked as lies

This kind of thing probably makes politicians long for the good old days when people could only yell at their television sets, write a sternly worded letter to their member of Congress, or, with luck, get a bland “Letter to the Editor” of the local paper published once every six months.

Don’t you just love social media?