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So, the 2016 republican presidential candidate “adult table” had a debate tonight. We weren’t disappointed, from the beginning:

Judy Baker ‏@JudyBaker4MO

Debatetainment!8:01 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Yael T. Abouhalkah ‏@YaelTAbouhalkah

So we’re already out of control! Good job, GOP #GOPDebate 8:05 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Paula Poundstone ‏@paulapoundstone

#GOPDebate Jerry Springer is going to sue for copyright infringement. 8:06 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Brad Friedman ‏@TheBradBlog

Some day I hope to earn the right to be called Jeb. #GOPDebate 8:10 PM – 6 Aug 2015

digby ‏@digby56

They called him Jeb because he earned it? What? 8:11 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Brian Beutler ‏@brianbeutler

Rubio said the words, “If this is a resume competition, Hillary Clinton will be the next president,” without thinking of how it sounds. 8:09 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Ezra Klein ‏@ezraklein

You can almost hear Donald Trump’s poll numbers rising 8:12 PM – 6 Aug 2015

SharkFu ‏@SharkFu

My liver may not survive this… 8:17 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Jennifer Hayden ‏@Scout_Finch

Here we go – Huckabee reiterating his desire to bring in actual federal troops and the FBI to engage a real war on women. #GOPDebate 8:18 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Billmon ‏@billmon1

Uh oh. Huckabee just mentioned “science.” That won’t go over big with his base. 8:19 PM – 6 Aug 2015

J. Elvis Weinstein ‏@JElvisWeinstein

I haven’t hated this many people on my TV at once since Entourage was on! #GOPDebate 8:16 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Jack Kimble ‏@RepJackKimble

We must close our borders to all women of child bearing age. The 14th Amendment makes them ticking time bombs. #GOPDebate 8:23 PM – 6 Aug 2015

American Bridge ‏@American_Bridge

This debate is a textbook example of how Donald Trump is setting the GOP agenda for every. single. candidate. 8:33 PM – 6 Aug 2015

MrJM ‏@MisterJayEm

Is #ProudToBeRepublican trending yet?

8:33 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Michelle Ringuette ‏@Ringuette

How do you know @ScottWalker is lying? He’s speaking. (And using #KochBros talking points) #GOPDebate 8:17 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Yael T. Abouhalkah ‏@YaelTAbouhalkah

Ted Cruz not looking good so far. KC political consultant Jeff Roe not earning his money tonight. #GOPDebate 8:36 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Billmon ‏@billmon1

Rand: “Oh yeah? Well you hugged Obama! You have cooties!” 8:39 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Yael T. Abouhalkah ‏@YaelTAbouhalkah

Ted Cruz: On Day One, I will utter the world “radical Islamist terrorist.” And ISIS will be gone! Um, right? #GOPDebate 8:41 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Christopher Hayes ‏@chrislhayes

If you stand before ISIS and say “Radical Islamic Terrorism” they all melt like marshmallows in the sun. 8:41 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Billmon ‏@billmon1

Shorter Jeb: “Invading Iraq was a mistake but it was Obama’s fault.” 8:43 PM – 6 Aug 2015

Wayne Johnson ‏@WJohnson68

Tuned in just in time to see the doctor supporting torture. #GOPDebate 8:46 PM – 6 Aug 2015

PZ Myers ‏@pzmyers

Ben Carson: God likes a flat tax. 8:52 PM – 6 Aug 2015

All that’s missing is an actual food fight.


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