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I think we’ve got an idea of Vicky Hartzler’s 2016 congressional reelection campaign strategy – via her campaign Facebook page:

March 15th:

Over the last few weeks I have tried to make you aware of the growing threat that ISIS poses to our nation. Today, I wanted to reach out to you regarding what I believe to be the most vicious part of ISIS and that is how they using children.

A few days ago, ISIS put out a propaganda video of a minor shooting an individual they claimed was an Israeli spy. These children are being brainwashed and young men as little as 13 have been killed fighting for ISIS. One propaganda video had a 7 year old kid holding up a severed head, while another video has a boy who appears to shoot two men in the back of the head….

March 23rd:

Dear Friends:

This week new attacks by ISIS in Tunisia and Yemen showed new capabilities by the terrorist organization to attack on multiple fronts. In Yemen, ISIS took credit for the bombing of 2 mosques in which 143 people were killed and 351 people were wounded. ISIS then put out a statement that pledged this would be the first of many attacks on Yemen. This attack came after 21 people were killed in Tunisia during an attack at a national museum….

March 28th:

Dear Friends:

The sectarian violence that is occurring at the hands of ISIS is creating a humanitarian crisis. Nearly 4 million Syrian refugees are living in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. While another 6.5 million Syrians have been displaced from their homes. That means nearly half of Syria’s pre-war population has been displaced. I would ask you to consider a contribution to humanitarian groups, such as the Red Cross or Samaritan’s Purse to help in this effort….

April 18th:

Fordham Law School’s Center on National Security has released an interesting study that reviewed court records over the last two years in regards to Americans that have been arrested for aiding ISIS. It seems that these individuals were seeking to build an Islamic State or a Caliphate right here in the US. While this alone is eye opening, don’t forget that National Intelligence Director, James Clapper said last month that over 180 Americans have travelled to Syria to help ISIS….

May 14th:


As you are probably well aware FBI Director James Carney came out last week and stated that there are thousands of ISIS followers in the United States. ISIL has also taken claim for the shootings that took place in Texas earlier in the week. What is more concerning is that all of our bases as of Thursday night are at Force Protection Bravo….

May 21st:

Dear Friends,

Despite months of US airstrikes and gains made in northern Iraq, ISIL has captured the city of Ramadi, the capitol of Anbar Province. Ramadi is just 70 miles from Bagdad, putting the terrorist organization in striking distance of the Iraqi Capitol….

If that’s not a drum beat I don’t know what is. That’ll motivate her base if they’re not already hiding under their beds.