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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (r) is a popular guy. Facing a main thoroughfare:

“Support public education. My child is an honor student, my governor is a lunatic.” – On Broadway, west of Columbus, in Tucson, Arizona.

Steller: Broadway wall sends political message, welcome or not

….Monday night, I talked to both of the neighbors across Broadway who have the most direct view of the wall. Neither of them wanted their full names used because they don’t want to get involved in neighborhood disputes. And neither of them like it.

One said he finds it obnoxious that he has to see the wall every time he sits down for dinner and looks out the window. The other told me she simply didn’t like seeing such a negative message day after day….

What do you bet the second neighbor watches the Faux News Channel all the time?


Signs we’ll be seeing for the next ten years (May 11, 2015)