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Yesterday on Representative Vicky Hartzler’s (r) Facebook page:


This is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Take a moment to thank a teacher this week, and share your story of a teacher who was especially memorable to you in the comments below.

As a former teacher, I know teaching is no easy task. I am thankful for the many dedicated professionals across Missouri’s Fourth District who educate our precious future generation. They are doing a noble job.


That was innocuous enough.

But, the comments:

[….] You want to help us teachers? Why did you vote to cut SNAP so my students will be hungry at night? How are they supposed to learn now?

[….] Save your fake care. If you really appreciated teachers you would adequately fund education. You would also work to see that no child goes hungry. A hungry child is a child who can not focus or learn.

Hmmm. Then there’s this one:

[….] Government School equals Public Indoctrination Centers. Parents, do all you can to do homeschooling of your kids!

That would explain a lot of the right wingnut agenda.