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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r), today, via Facebook:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler

We have a busy week as we begin the 114th Congress. The House will vote to move forward with the Keystone XL pipeline, help businesses hire our honorable veterans, and we will vote to change Obamacare’s 30-hour work week to 40 hours.

What issues do you think the new Congress should bring up?

And a sample of the replies:

[….] A “vote to change Obamacare’s 30-hour work week to 40 hours” really means that people who work 35 hours per week will no longer get health insurance from their employers. Why do you want fewer people to have health coverage?

[….] Congresswoman, your first priority should be a NO vote for John Boehner as speaker and a backing of the congressman from Texas. If you vote yes to retain speaker Boehner you will not recieve anymore support from me!

A lot of “likes” on that one.

[….] Vote no on Boehner as Speaker


[….] Vote no on Boehner. Introduce nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry permits.

You’ve got to wonder if they’d be happy with one or the other. We could guess.

[….] As you can see, we want Boehner out as Speaker. Don’t really expect you to listen since you voted for the CR, at a cost of $1 Trillion. Remember, you work for us. Well, you’re supposed to….

[….] Vote no on Boehner, we need new blood, after getting him out of Speaker position, then on with restoring what has been destroyed these past 6 years.

Yeah, we understand. The stock market is in the tank, gas prices are at an all time high, tens of millions more people have no health insurance whatsoever, and unemployment is the worst it’s been in ages…

[….] Vote for Louie Gomert for speaker….not Boehner…….my vote for you depends on your vote today.

Yeah, right.

[….] We need a new Speaker of the House vote no

Actually, you’re supposed to vote for someone.

[….] Please vote no on Mr. Boehner!


[….] VOTE BOEHNER OUT! show us your on our side and vote him out!

What’s an “on our side”? Just asking.

[….] No on Boehner!

[….] Vote for Louie Gohmert for speaker. If a vote for John Boehner is made, or a gutless “present ” vote is made your tenure is near over. Listen to your constituents. .vote Boehner out!!

[….] 60% of Republicans want Boehner replaced – as of this moment there are approximatley 10% of the Republicans in the House committed to voting against Boehner… 10% of our Republican Representatives that are willing to represent their constiuents. ONLY 10% that are actually doing the job that they were sent to do. Think on that for a moment. 10%. That means the other 90% care more about Boehner and are more afraid of Boehner/establishment than they are of the voters. Enjoy your brief ride with the party of losers and spineless, self-serving vipers Vicky, it will not end well.

[….] I agree with everyone about Boehner. Also think about the pay for life for Congress. This is really hurting the budget and maybe term limits.

[….] a new speaker

[….] There are a lot of critical issues and the people have empowered conservatives, such as yourself, to make the right decisions. First things first…LEADERSHIP…Boehner has to be replaced with a consistent, principled conservative. The power of God in you is greater than the power in the Washington elite. Stand up to it in God’s power or it will overtake you and other conservatives. If this happens, the conservative momentum provided by the last landslide election will be greatly reduced and many wrong decisions will be made. I urge you to not submit to a lessor power; in the end, it will not treat you kindly.

[….] Priority #1 is removing Boehner and replacing him with a real constitutional conservative. Until then, we can have no confidence whatsoever in the GOP majority. He has done nothing but betray conservatives since he gained power.

[….] Get Boehner out

[….] Urging my congresswoman from the IV district to support the people who elected you, please vote NO for Boehner and support Louis Gomert. Please represent us and not the corporate establishment you have seem to have aligned yourself with

[….] Vote NO on Boehner. Republicans need a fresh face in leadership!

[….] NO on Boehner–listen to us, please! Your voting constituents are here–speaking their mind. Listen to us. NO on Boehner!


Stand behind what you posted her Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler and vote for Louie Gohmert or any Republican other than Boehner as Speaker.

[….] We recommend a NO vote for Boehner, as well. He has not been effective at limiting the size of government. We back Louie Gohmert.

[….] Get rid of Boehner as speaker. We need a real conservative, Not a RHINO.

Or, as an alternative, a hippopotamus.

[….] Considering how you voted in December when we pleaded with you, I doubt very much you will listen to us now. After your last vote I was sorry I had voted for you in November. If you vote for Boehner today you can consider me DONE with you and I will do everything in my power to make sure everyone knows, you need your small rural towns and we had faith in you. PLEASE DO NOT LET US DOWN! Stand up against this hypocritical snake in the grass.

[….] Don’t be a coward Vicky! Vote down Boehner. Listen to your constituents. I am done with the republican establishment. If we get another establishment presidential nominee like Jeb or Mitt I’m done! I’m not voting next election. That’s how bad it’s gotten and I’m not the only one thinking like this. Give us something to rally around and defeat Boehner.

Heh. The best of all possible worlds.

[….] The first issue they should bring up is how to remove Boehner from his position (and keep his other lackeys from inheriting it). Once that’s done I might still have some faith that you actually do care.

We sense a trend here.

[….] Why ask? Big money runs the show. My one vote counts for nothing compared to the millions of votes big money buys.

The final stage is acceptance.