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Follow the money.

The Red Lily, Anatole France

…For the poor it consists in sustaining and preserving the wealthy in their power and their laziness. The poor must work for this, in presence of the majestic quality of the law which prohibits the wealthy as well as the poor from sleeping under the bridges, from begging in the streets, and from stealing bread…

In Missouri and America the majestic quality of the law allows the wealthy and the poor alike to face no limits on the amount of money they can choose to contribute to a candidate or political cause.

Via Twitter:

Sean Nicholson @ssnich

Guess who gave $300k to the RSLC in October? Hint: Rhymes with Hex Pinkfield. [….] #moleg 8:37 PM – 4 Dec 2014

Via the IRS, from the Republican State Leadership Committee IRS Form 8872 filed on December 4, 2014:

One of their many contributors:

A few of their contributions:

Gee, that was mighty independent of them.

Welcome to the world of politics in 21st century America.


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