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Yesterday, in Rosebud, Missouri.

Ferguson protestors met by hecklers

by Mark Slavit

Posted: 12.03.2014 at 6:02 PM

ROSEBUD, MO — Ferguson protestors were greeted by a large crowd of hecklers along Highway 50 in Rosebud on Wednesday afternoon as they marched to Jefferson City….


….Someone put an empty bottle of beer, a melon and some fried chicken in the path of the protestors….

“…No peace, no welfare check. Where’s Al Sharpton? Where’s the great Al Sharpton?…”individual heckling the Journey for Justice marchers as they walked through Rosebud, Missouri.

Rosebud, Missouri is in Gasconade County.

Gasconade County, Missouri [agriculture subsidies]

$18.7 million in subsidies 1995-2012.

$11.2 million in commodity subsidies.

$3.33 million in crop insurance subsidies.

$2.70 million in conservation subsidies.

$1.48 million in disaster subsidies.


Rank Program Number of Recipients 1995-2012 Subsidy Total 1995-2012

1 Corn Subsidies** 708**   $6,843,224

2 Soybean Subsidies** 410**   $3,212,933

3 Wheat Subsidies** 678**   $2,477,156

4 Conservation Reserve Program 177   $2,261,917

5 Disaster Payments 517   $1,475,221


From the Missouri Department of Social Services:

Gasconade [County] [pdf] SFY-2013

Number of people enrolled for MO HealthNet services 1,936

MO HealthNet dollars spent in state fiscal year 20132 $18.3 mil

Estimated federal portion of MO HealthNet dollars spent $11.5 mil

MO HealthNet dollars for inpatient hospital services $1.3 mil

MO HealthNet dollars for physician services $1.0 mil

MO HealthNet dollars for nursing home services $5.3 mil

MO HealthNet dollars for pharmacy services $2.8 mil

MO HealthNet dollars for managed care payments $2.9 mil

Average monthly food stamp benefit recipients 1,980

Total food stamp benefits received $2.8 mil

Average monthly children receiving subsidized child care 58

Child care expenditures $113,439

Demographic information via the U.S. Census Bureau:

Gasconade County, Missouri

Population, 2013 estimate 14,901

White alone, percent, 2013 (a) 97.7%

Black or African American alone, percent, 2013 (a) 0.3%

Persons below poverty level, percent, 2008-2012 13.6%


Rosebud, Missouri (December 3, 2014)