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Technology and social media certainly have changed the way we access information about our elected officials. In the old days we might have written a letter or called our representative’s office. Now people can respond on Twitter and facebook. And everyone else can read it.

A sampling of comments posted on Representative Vicky Hartzler’s (r) facebook page in response to her statement about voting against the bill to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling:

[….] I look forward to reading what you and your colleagues gained by costing the economy $24 billion. Your vote means that you would destroy the American economy to prevent expanding the number of people who can get health care.

[….] Please work with the others in Congress to avoid this type of shutdown situation and default in a couple of months.

So did you or did you not read the bill before voting on it?

[….] I think it’s awfully brave of you to fight the good fight. It’s an amazing sacrifice for a millionaire with a nearly $130,000 salary to give up just over 10 grand. I hope you continue the good fight by returning all of the nearly 1 million dollars you’ve received in farm subsidies as well. I also think you should do the right thing, and reject the onerous impacts of Obamacare by voluntarily withdrawing yourself and your family and and future qualifiers in your family from your vile government provided health care. (You probably have already withdrawn from it, due to the fact that you possibly couldn’t let a government bureaucrat determine your health care status.) In fact, you should make an effort, along with your colleagues to refund the millions of Americans who just received a very principled raise in their mortgages due to the devalued rating of government bonds. I hope you continue to make such sacrificial principled stands, and that you’re just so willing willing to have other people suffer for your principles.

[….] Perhaps the farm subsidy you receive with tax funds should be discontinued to help reduce the burden of debt.

[….] I thought about writing a carefully thought out and logical response to why I think you are totally wrong with your vote. Then I realized that, with all due respect, you just don’t get it. You would rather send our economy and even the global economy into a tailspin just because you…..ahhhh, why even try to explain it, you are a nitwit. And these other people that are supporting you….why don’t you just move to another country if you hate Obama so much. C’mon, people, admit it, you just can’t stand that he won reelection. I’m not his biggest fan, but at least he is better than one of the tea party idiots.

[….] Jesus would be so proud of you, for thinking about money before thinking about health care for the poor.

[….] I cannot support anyone so blinded by rhetoric that they are willing to burn down the barn, to kill a mouse. Am pretty much mortified that you represent my home.

[….] give up your own government benefits, the healtb care, the farm subsidies, the pension then you can talk about how fiscally responsible you are.

[….] Thank god common sense prevailed in spite of you.

[….] You are a worthless representative and a coward at heart. You would crash the economy? What goes around comes around. We will remind voters in November of next year that you were a hypocrite who said you were going to DC to solve problems and instead went there and created them. Say goodbye to your cushy job because you have let your electorate down!

[….] You supported the default of the United States of America. You have no idea of the consequences of your actions and therefore have no business representing the good people of this state. We deserve better, smarter and more dedicated people not only to your district, but in service to your country. You failed on both. We will remember what happened today.

[….] oh yeah get fiscally responsible after you vote FOR farm subsidies which YOU recieve. you are not fiscally responsible (no one who votes for subsidies for businesses can claim that title), you are simply a greedy opportunist.

[….] Raising the so-called debt ceiling is in NO WAY comparable with increasing a credit card limit or giving someone a blank check. Spending is NOT initiated by the Executive Branch — CONGRESS commits to spending via appropriations bills; the Executive Branch simply needs the authority to pay the bills Congress runs up, and raising the debt ceiling provides that authority.

Please stop lying to your constituents.

[….] At least the 800,000 employees you laid off have some relief. You and the other Tea Baggers have no respect for the working class in your district or your Country. Where is the GOP healthcare alternative for the millions of Americans without healthcare? If you truly are opposed to Government run healthcare put your money where your mouth is and give yours up!

[….] I give no thanks for your work. Your work does not express your stated values. People in your state are hurting while others are beyond thriving and getting rich off subsidies. The subsidies are a purchased commodity and not fairly distributed. And people are suffering with little or no assurance of food, health, or shelter.

[….] Very disturbed that you would support shutting down the government in order to deny healthcare to your constituents. The Affordable Care Act means my child with a pre-existing condition can not be denied insurance – something that’s been a major worry for our family.

[….] You voted to not raise the debt ceiling meaning that you voted to not pay bills that you yourself wrote. If I did that, I would go to jail.

[….] Sure Mrs. Hero, no problem when certain peoples just wasted billions to prove a pointless point.

[….] Tell it to the people who were laid off thanks to Boehner’s tantrum. You cry about Obamacare, and yet offer nothing to the millions of Americans who simply cannot afford to get sick.

[….] Vicky, you surely did not represent me in this last month. What a huge disappointment you’ve been.

[….] There was nothing good about this little stunt. You cost the American people BILLIONS of dollars. It’s time for Ms Hartzler to go back to Hartzler Farm and collect more government assistance.

[….] Thank goodness a few congresspeople were not able to subvert a law duly passed by the entire Congress and vetted by the Supreme Court. I will continue to vote for candidates who promote policies who serve all our citizens, rather than obstructionists who are willing to abandon a majority of our citizens.

[….] Keep raking in those hundreds of thousands of dollars of farm subsidies, Vicky.

[….] You’ll never have my vote, Vickie. Reckless.

[….] I’m not quite sure how costing the country $24 billion, dragging us to the edge of default, furloughing a significant portion of the work force, putting benefits for disabled veterans and children at risk, etc. constitutes fiscal responsibility, compassion, or any of the things you seem to think you were fighting for. [….]

[….] Ms. Hartzler. You are an ignorant fool. The deficit has gone down steadily for the last three years. The Affordable Care Act pays for itself. You voted for the farm bill that provides subsidies for you and corporate agriculture. You continued to be paid while your actions undermined the economy of the whole world and the strength of the dollar while people like my husband continued their jobs without pay. You are despicable and I am ashamed to be your constituent. Not that you care. You obviously do not care one whit about the people you swore to represent.

[….] But what your not telling us is the simplicity of the matter. You voted for default. You voted for our interest rates on our investment to plummet, you voted for China to actually act on the statement to “start building a de-Americanize world” because because of abnormality [IE: TP] in the US political body. Only 2 examples of what default means. This is not fiscal responsibility this is foot stomping of matter you apparently know very little about.

[….] As a constituent, there simply are not words available to me to describe the low opinion I have of the ideology to which you adhere in spite of ample evidence of its malignancy.

[….] Oh give it a rest. You’re still playing politics. You drove our country to the brink of disaster with you’re foolishness and tea party antics and the American people know it. And they will remember.

[….] I think you and your Teapublican colleagues were treasonous by voting to allow our country to go over the credit default cliff. My retirement account would have been worthless if that would have happened. Oh by the way the shutdown cost the economy $24 billion. When will you and your colleagues repay the public for this political stunt? Oh I know you and your colleagues will try to raid Social Security and cut/deny retirees and near retirees of their benefits. You need to publicly say that signing the Ribble Letter was a big mistake and you cannot in good conscious support Paul Ryan’s proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

[….] Think about your statement, Vicky. “I could not in good faith support a plan that continues to hurt Americans”. That is a noble notion certainly, but you don’t know anymore than anyone else how this will eventually play out. You may be wrong….we may be wrong. It might just help Americans when all is said and done. Continuing though……you didn’t want to hurt Americans, you said, you voted in favor of something that would continue to shut down the government and allow our nation to default on its promises. You don’t think that would have hurt Americans….both in and outside of the 4th District? I really, really question your judgment on this. Ideology over country. This will haunt you into the next election. It’s an issue that needs to be dealt with.

[….] Ms Hartzler, I am very disappointed that you voted against the best interests of the country, and that you continue to promulgate these lies about health insurance and the debt limit.

[….] Ms Hartzler, I am very disappointed that you voted against the best interests of the country, and that you continue to promulgate these lies about health insurance and the debt limit.

And on, and on, and on….