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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r). [file photo]

A letter to the editor in a small local paper in the 4th Congressional District:

The Federal Debt Ceiling is a result of the second Liberty Bonds Act of 1917.

Its purpose was to allow the department of the treasury to sell bonds in an orderly manner to pay the national debt. It set an upper limit on borrowing (accomplished by the sale of treasury bonds) to pay current debt.

It was modified numerous times through the 1920’s and 30″s and in 1939 a general limit was put into place. That limit has been raised numerous times over the years to allow the government to pay its bills. It has absolutely nothing to do with future spending. It is a cap set by congress on how much the federal government can borrow to pay its bills.

Raising the debt limit has been done 40 times under Republican administrations and 24 during Democratic Administrations. It has rarely attracted much controversy except for the party out of power to point out what a big spender the current administration is.

The debt limit has been modified ten times since 2001. The government shut down briefly with dire economic consequences during the time Newt Gingerich was speaker and increases in the upper limit have passed without much ado until President Obama Was elected.

Extreme elements in congress including our congresswoman Hartzler have pouted profusely and pulled all kinds of shenanigans each time an increase to pay existing debt was needed.

This time they have exceeded their previous antics by signing a letter to Speaker Boehner demanding that radical changes be made to our social security program.

Holding Social Security Hostage is not acceptable.

Here in Hickory County a large portion of our people rely on social security benefits for a basic living. Those not yet drawing benefits have paid into a system for years in anticipation. Changes proposed by the Tea Party republicans are unnecessary and unacceptable and are an outright attack on a system that has worked since long before I was born and I am seventy years old.

Vicky Hartzler is not working for Hickory County’s people. We encourage Speaker Boehner to allow congress a vote on a clean continuing resolution.

J C Owsley

Cross Timbers, Missouri [….]

[with permission of the author]


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