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Spending eight million dollars on your primary election doesn’t always work. Via the Missouri Secretary of State:

U. S. Senator (3,400 of 3,428 Precincts Reported)

Claire McCaskill DEM 286,721

Todd Akin REP 214,360

Jerry Beck REP 9,730

Sarah Steelman REP 175,087

John G. Brunner REP 179,001

Mark Memoly REP 3,182

Mark Patrick Lodes REP 2,273

Robert (Bob) Poole REP 6,073

Hector Maldonado REP 7,382

Jonathan Dine LIB 2,448

Total Votes 886,257

[emphasis added]

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) gets to run against the most awesome right wingnut opponent in the general election:

GOP rep questions Medicare constitutionality, global warming

By Justin Sink – 09/06/11 10:39 AM ET

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) said Saturday that he believes Medicare might be unconstitutional, and that climate change science is “highly suspect….”

For GOP U.S. Senate candidates, Ryan budget doesn’t go far enough

By Jo Mannies, Beacon political reporter

3:18 pm on Fri, 03.30.12

….Akin was the most blunt: “Back off of the ‘red tape,’ back off of the taxes, stop the regulation of the banks.”

“We’ve created a toxic atmosphere for business,” the congressman continued, adding that it stemmed in part because the federal government  has “promised too much stuff.”

He singled out Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, SCHIP (the health care plan for children) and food stamps, saying all consume way too much in federal resources.

“We’re overtaxing the people who work and overpaying the people who don’t work,” Akin said….

Evita Mooselini couldn’t help Sarah Steelman (r) – so, can we stop reading old media accounts about the former half term governor’s primary endorsement winning streak? Just asking.