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To be exact, $1,272,420.50 in media buys.

Via the Missouri Secretary of State:

Office / Candidate Name Votes

Lt. Governor (3,418 of 3,420 Precincts Reported)

Susan Montee DEM 131,115

Dennis Weisenburger DEM 16,134

Fred Kratky DEM 10,972

Becky Lee Plattner DEM 11,072

Judy Baker DEM 46,168

Sara Lampe DEM 25,887

Jackie Townes McGee DEM 15,462

Bill (William) Haas DEM 35,005

Charles W. Kullmann REP 34,908

Brad Lager REP 239,578

Peter Kinder REP 254,838

Mike Carter REP 47,208

Matthew Copple LIB 2,429

Cynthia L. Davis CST 761

Total Votes 871,537

Think of the primary as Brad Lager (r) softening up the opposition for Susan Montee (D).

And to think, Cynthia Davis (let them eat McDonald’s) advances to the general election.