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“Second to last day popular day to file. Folks don’t want to tempt fate by planning on the last day and then their car won’t start.” – Dave Drebes

Filing Month is wrapping up, with the last day of filing being tomorrow (Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!). So traffic picked up slightly on the 2nd to last day of filing.

So here’s a report of the activity today.

Robert “Bob” Poole (R-Macon) and Hector Maldonado (R-Sullivan) filed for the US Senate. Maldonado ran for the Senate in 2010, finishing 5th of 9th in the Republican primary. Jonathan Dine (LP-Riverside) also filed today, making his second straight bid for the Senate.

Fred Sauer (R-St. Louis) of the Missouri Roundtable for Life filed for Governor today, presumably due to the lack of anti-cloning credentials displayed by Dave Spence and Bill Randles and in opposition to Jay Nixon’s secret plan to clone himself and send his clone army to run in Republican districts.

Robb Cunningham (LP-St. Louis) filed for the 1st District, making his 4th straight Congressional candidacy.

Eric Mayer (D-Camdenton) filed in the 3rd District. Mayer unsuccessfully ran for Camden County Presiding Commissioner in 2010.

Herschel Young (???-Harrisonville) filed as a Libertarian, but you already read that earlier, didn’t you?

Mike Moon (R-Springfield) filed to face Billy Long in the 7th District. Moon finished with 4% in a 6th place finish for the same seat in 2010. Kevin Craig (LP-Powersite) also filed for his 5th straight Congressional bid.

And the Missouri General Assembly

In the State Senate: Jacquelyn Thomas (R-Florissant) filed in the 13th and ElGene Ver Dught (D-Higginsville) filed in the 21st. Ver Dught is an attorney and mediator. Republican Incumbent David Pearce and Mike McGhee are facing off in the 21st. Reddit Hudson and Gina Walsh are facing each other in the 13th.

In the State House:

2010 candidate Tim Remole (R-Excelo) filed for a second bid in the recently reopened 6th district. The 6th is a Macon/Randolph/Linn County district that was Randy Asbury’s choice for a new district until realizing the effects of moving his family north into the district. The Republican primary in the 6th has 4 candidates, Ron Gillett of Moberly, Tony Askew of Atlanta, Alan Wyatt of Macon, and Tim Remole. Democrat Diana Scott of La Plata filed last week.

Patrick Riehle (D-Raytown) filed in the 28th district to challenge incumbent Tom McDonald (D-Independence), who is moving south to represent a district that overlaps with the southern half of the current 49th district.

John Sutton (D-Independence) filed in the 29th district to challenge freshman Republican Noel Torpey. Sutton is a High School Teacher at Van Horn High School in Independence. The 29th is a fusion of parts of the current 52nd (which Torpey won in 2010) and the 49th (which is the bluer part of the 29th).

Darrel Hansen (R-Clark) filed in the 47th district to face the winner of the Nancy Copenhaver/John Wright Democratic primary. Machinist Donald Long (D-Harrisonville) filed to face Freshman Republican Rick Brattin in the 55th. Auctioneer Don Bullock (D-Windsor) filed to face Freshman Republican Wanda Brown in the 57th.

Former one-term Republican Steve Henderson of Versailles filed to create a 3 man primary in the 58th. Henderson served a term from 2001 to 2003 before losing a primary after his county was split in two. Attorney Vonnieta E. Trickey (D-Russellville) filed to challenge freshman Republican Mike Bernskoetter of Jeff City. Janine Steck (LP-Jeff City) is also running in the new 59th district.

Libertarian John Alsup of St. Charles filed in the new 65th to challenge Anne Zerr. Former 2006 House/2008 Senate candidate Jim Trout filed in the new 83rd district to face off with Gina Mitten. No Republicans have filed in the 83rd. Al Faulitsch (R-STL) filed in the new 92nd to face Genise Montecillo. Tony Leech (R-STL) filed to face the winner of a Scott Sifton/Joe Montecillo primary.

Chuck Brodell (D-Imperial) withdrew in the 112th and was replaced by Dean Asbury (D-Arnold). Asbury will probably face Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) unless there’s a surge of support for Avery Fortenberry.

Libertarian Bill Boone of Springfield filed in the 137th district. Ted Sheppard (R-Cabool) filed in the Texas County centered 142nd to face Don Bordwell (R-Plato), Chris Purvis (R-Houston, and Robert Ross (R-Eunice). Finally we see which Texas County city is the most powerful. Democrat R. A. Pendergrass of Bakersfield filed in the Howell County centered 154th. He will face the winner of a Shawn Rhoads/Kathleen Hensley/Stan Watson primary (all from West Plains). Pendergrass is a Missouri States-West Plains facility member who lost a bid for the State Senate to Chuck Purgason in 2004.

Also, Jane Cunningham withdrew from her bid to be a 7th Senate district candidate after finding that they weren’t gonna give her a district. Travis Fitzwater withdrew from running in the 49th district after finding that Jeanie Riddle didn’t have a Senate District to run in for this election.

The official 02/10 stats on the districts with candidate activity:

SD13: 77.5/22.5D

SD21: 55/45D

HD006: 56/44R

HD029: 60/40D

HD047: 50/50

HD055: 57.5/42.5R

HD057: 52/48R

HD058: 61/39R

HD059: 61/39R

HD065: 54/46R (no Dem filed)

HD083: 65/35D (no Rep filed)

HD092: 54/46D

HD093: 62/38D

HD112: 56/44D

HD137: 65/35R (no Dem filed)

HD142: 61/39R (no Dem filed)

HD154: 68/32R

After today’s filing, Republicans have candidates in 128 districts and Democrats have candidates in 98 districts.

Using the 02/10 scale, the 10 bluest districts without a Dem candidate are

HD11 (South Buchanan/North Platte, Galen Higdon): 53/47D

HD14 (Platte County, Ron Schieber): 51/49D

HD48 (Boonville, assorted counties, open seat): 50/50

HD90 (Kirkwood, Rick Stream): 52/48R

HD106 (St. Charles, Chrissy Sommer): 52/48R

HD119 (Franklin County, Dave Hinson): 53/47R

HD60 (Jeff City, Jay Barnes): 53.5/46.5R

HD35 (Lee’s Summit/Parts of KC, Gary Cross): 54/46R

HD64 (St. Charles/Part of Lincoln, open seat): 54/46R

HD65 (St. Charles, Ann Zerr): 54/46R

So it’s quite a few light-red districts to pick from there. There’s also the 116th (Ste. Genevieve/St. Francois/Perryville) and 126th (Bates/Vernon) which are bluer districts than the Shively/Shumake battle in the new 5th.

The reddest districts without a Republican are HD149 (Steve Hodges, 50/50) and HD117 (Linda Black, 52.5/47.5D). Both of which are Dems who defeated Republican opponents in 2010.

Democrats have a candidate in all 46 districts where they top 55%, compared to 14 Republicans in those districts.

There are 29 Democratic candidates in the 45 districts where neither party has an advantage of 10% or more. 42 Republicans are running in those districts.

Democrats have 23 candidates in the 72 districts with a +10R 02/10 spread.

So for all unfiled candidates with functional cars, tomorrow is the big day. And maybe there’s a day or two more if incumbents randomly drop out tomorrow and extend filing for a seat or two.