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Presented with minimal comment, a collection of local news stories of the early reactions and pivoting from the new legislative maps.

From the Columbia Daily Tribune: Chris Kelly considering a run in the 47th (50/50 on the 02/10 av) over the 50th (55/45 Republican on the 02/10 av). Former Boone County Presiding Commissioner Don Stamper is considering a run for the 47th if Kelly doesn’t run there. Columbia School Board member Jonathan Sessions is considering running for the 45th if Mary Still runs against Kurt Schaefer for the 19th Senate District.

From the Washington Missourian comes a quote that could be repeated in a few parts of the state from Franklin County Presiding Commissioner John Grieshamer:

“It is terrible, The (26th) Senatorial District is real good, but the House districts, they basically took a stick of dynamite and blew them up.”

A newer article from the Missourian has the Dave v. Dave showdown at a moment of uncertainty as both Dave Schatz and Dave Hinson are unsure of what to do. Scott Dieckhaus speaks of differences between the communities on both sides of his 61st district. Brian Nieves is happy with his district.

Springfield News-Leader: Incumbents looking over the maps, still making considerations for future moves.

Daily Dunklin Democrat: Kent Hampton was surprised to find that he’d be put in 152nd district. Hampton may choose to run in the open 150th district (which averages 56/44 Democratic from 2002 to 2010). Meanwhile State Senate candidates Billy Pat Wright (R-Dexter) and Terry Swinger (D-Caruthersville) are joined by State Rep. Ellen Brandom (R-Sikeston).

Southeast Missourian brings news of Holly Rehder (R-Sikeston), who was running to replace Ellen Brandom, being shown no mercy by the etch-a-sketch Redistricting force.. she got dropped into the 149th district (which is 50/50 on average) instead of a district like the 148th (which was 62/38 Republican on average). Incumbent State Rep Steve Hodges (D-East Prairie) was put in the 148th but may run in the 148th or 149th.

Jason Holsman announced his candidacy in the 37th district, and endorsed Kevin McManus for the 36th district.

Rick Stream is running in the 90th

STL Post-Dispatch notes that Tishaura Jones may run for STL City Treasurer in 2012.

And there’s this from Wednesday:

Sen. John Lamping, R-Ladue, said he hadn’t had time to figure out the implications yet.

“What district do I live in?” he asked.

Probably a relevant question. (Answer: Lamping lives in the 24th, with Jane Cunningham. Cunningham will be running in the 27th, presumably with the help of efficient child labor)