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One of Missouri State Auditor Susan Montee‘s (D) potential republican challengers, Tom Schweich – rock star, put out a gawdawful music video. It’s so bad that it rises to great art – if you have a hankerin’ for kitsch.

Let’s see, Chinese communists, handouts, fights, God, something about conception, foreign kings’ rings, allusions to tentherism, elitists, and apparent outtakes from an exercise video. What’s not to love from a right wingnut perspective?

At 2:17 in the video there’s a music stand with the legend “Webster Univ Music Dept” Did they “borrow” it? (It’s actually considered an honored, but alas, illegal, tradition to steal music stands from music schools.)

This would have worked better as an arrangement for string quartet, without the juvenile teabagger lyrics and the lame garage band.

Years ago an acquaintance in the music business related a story about his first club audition. The manager told him after he played, “I can’t hire you to play here. If I did I’d be afraid they’d arrest you for loitering.” Bingo.

Excuse me while I go find an icepick to stab out my ear drums.