“There was a tragedy, but realistically, we can’t pass a law every time there’s a tragedy.”

This is in reference to a commonsense proposal to block unlicensed childcare providers from caring for children if there are criminal charges pending against them.

Also, this:

Davis said she opposes the bill because it could have negative consequences for the state’s childcare providers.

“I have a lot of sympathy for the family, but I don’t have the confidence that making government intervene more in people’s lives will bring back the child.”

Davis also said her committee’s main purpose is to deal with abortion issues and that Sam’s Law might have been better off if it had been referred to a judiciary committee.

The emphasis is mine. Yes, the woman in charge of the House Children and Families Committee believes that it is the House Abortion Committee. Davis’ career should end this year in defeat in her Senate campaign, but really, Ron Richard should get a huge black mark next to his name for putting her in charge of that committee. She has no business being in charge of any of the state’s affairs, much less a committee.

Hat tip: Juana Summers at the Post-Dispatch.