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Republican Tony Laszacs of Waynesville filed for the US Senate race today. An easier task than finding 10K signatures for a Moderate Conservative Party. Republicans tend to be unhappy to have votes siphoned. Ask Jon Ashjian.

Democrat Abdul Akram of Kansas City filed for Auditor. I’m not sure what in particular Susan Montee has done too badly and she’s one of the more direct officials from what i’ve seen. So the margin of victory should be an interesting baseline for “well-known Democrat v. unknown Democrat” races (typically it’s around 83/17 for the wellknown Dem)

St. Rep. Tim Flook of Liberty withdrew from his re-election campaign today and Republican Myron Neth filed in his place. Coincidentally this came several days after Flook took a stand against spending any money on promoting Missouri tourism. No word on if he will spend more time with his family at Elephant Rocks State Park. Democrat Mark Ellebracht filed for this seat yesterday.

Also, Republican Curtis Farber filed for the opportunity to lose by a large percentage to Mike Colona in HD67, Republican Clifford Olsen of Jeff City filed in HD114, and Libertarian Bradley Stubbs filed in HD142.

The last days to file are Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. The weather should be awesome. Our state capital is pretty nifty too.