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Via our good friends at Fired Up, here’s the KRCG video (edited) which starts with Representative Jeff Roorda (D-102) speaking to the budget and then responding to an off microphone comment from Representative Tim Jones (r-89):

The transcript:

Representative Jeff Roorda (D):….this chamber, Mister Speaker. All we saw all week was phoney baloney amendments to take this director’s salary away or that director’s salary away. Grandstanding that we know is not going to be there at the end. We, and then we get mad when our side actually cuts our, our fund, our House contingency fund, people are mad. (voice off microphone) Be quiet. You, if you’ve got something to say then you stand up and you. (shouting off microphone)

Speaker: Gentlemen. (gavel)

Representative Tim Jones (r): (off microphone shouting) Nice walking on the bill. [Inaudible] walk on the bill (repeated). You lie, you lie, you’re a liar.

(off microphone shouts)

Speaker: Gentlemen. Sargeant at Arms. Mister Sargeant at Arms….

(video edit)

Representative Roorda (D): …Lost my cool. I apologize for that. Uh, as I was speaking on the budget I was accused by another member of walking on critical votes yesterday. Uh, Mister Speaker I think everybody in the body should be aware, based on my remarks Monday, that I lost a dear friend…and I did leave to attend his funeral yesterday Mister Speaker….

(video edit)

Speaker Ron Richard (r): You act with respect from both sides of the aisle or I will have members from both sides of the aisle removed.

Classy Representative Jones (r), real classy.

Do you suppose if the republican majority hadn’t wasted an inordinate amount of time addressing and debating federal issues instead of working on the budget sooner there might not have been some missed votes due to a member attending a funeral? Just asking.