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It takes special talent to be in the House majority and see your amendment lose on a floor vote. It takes even more talent to have it happen twice in one day, on two votes in a row.

Using that criteria, our favorite Republican legislator Denny Hoskins (CPA/R-Warrensburg) can feel talented.

One Republican tactic to cut spending is to slice off random amounts from the budgets of directors and pretend that it adds up to something.

Knowing that, it’s no surprise during the HB2008 debate that Ryan Silvey would propose cutting the General Revenue Fund contribution to the Director of the Department of Public Safety from 1,056,555 to 1,035,764. That passed on a voice vote.

Then Denny Hoskins proposed cutting it some more, all the way down to 979,305, and he lost, 76 to 75. Multiple Republicans voted and i’m sure good times were had by all.

Then it was time to poke at HB2009 (Department of Corrections). Ryan Silvey (who superglued a mic to his hand and passed 7 amendments yesterday) proposed cutting the Office of the Director for the Department of Corrections from 4,048,955 to 3,997,743. That was approved via a voice vote.

Then Denny Hoskins proposed cutting it some more, all the way down to 3,775,135, and he lost, 88 to 61. Not even Amendment aficionado Ryan Silvey voted for this. I’m pretty sure that with Denny’s amendments and the process of cutting costs on these things, a few dozen people had their jobs saved from a CPA on a mission.

You can read this for the overview of events.

So after losing twice on two straight recorded roll calls, Denny Hoskins stopped proposing amendments for some reason. Proving that no good thing really ever threepeats. He hasn’t had such a lousy day since the property tax hilarity.

Don’t worry Denny, at least you’re more popular than Slot Machine Mark Parkinson. So, in conclusion, I think I’m off the Christmas card list.