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Yep, a vocal minority of right wingnuts with their own cable news network are driving the agenda in this country.


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On September 4, 2009 SurveyUSA released a 500 sample poll of adults taken in Missouri on September 4th. The margin of error is 4.1% to 4.4% depending on the question (due to the percentage differences in responses). The poll was sponsored by KCTV in Kansas City.

President Obama plans to deliver a national address to school children on the importance of them taking responsibility for their own success in school. Do you think it is appropriate? Or not appropriate? For President Obama to deliver this address?


Appropriate – 63%

Not Appropriate – 33%

Not Sure – 4%

Republican [22%]

Appropriate – 42%

Not Appropriate – 55%

Not Sure – 3%

Democrat [34%]

Appropriate – 90%

Not Appropriate – 10%

Not Sure – 1%

Independent [38%]

Appropriate – 56%

Not Appropriate – 37%

Not Sure – 7%

Conservative [37%]

Appropriate – 43%

Not Appropriate – 52%

Not Sure – 5%

Moderate [34%]

Appropriate – 78%

Not Appropriate – 19%

Not Sure – 3%

Liberal [21%]

Appropriate – 87%

Not Appropriate – 13%

Not Sure – 0%

Democrats and republicans appear to be undersampled and “Independents” appear to be oversampled in this poll when compared with previous SurveyUSA polls in Missouri.

So, cable news networks enable them and our useless old media have been played by the lunatic fringe right. We are now all in the position of watching some schools and school districts cater to the whims of irrational wingnuts. Is this a great country, or what?  

Do you think it would be appropriate? Or not appropriate? For ANY President to deliver this address?


Appropriate – 65%

Not Appropriate – 29%

Not Sure – 7%

Republican [22%]

Appropriate – 51%

Not Appropriate – 45%

Not Sure – 4%

Ah, for a significant number of republicans it’s a matter of *IOKIYAR. I wonder what they think of Ronald Raygun’s and poppy bush’s speeches?

*it’s okay if you’re a republican