Max Baucus, one of those corporate proxies otherwise known as a Senator, has finally come up with a health care reform proposal to be voted on by the Senate Finance Committee.  And it’s appalling.  No suprise there.  Of course, it’s not the final word, but it does herald the beginning of the final process that will determine what we do get — and it will play an important role in moving the center marker in the negotiations farther right. So, if the Baucus proposal gets you all lathered up, you’re right to be so — especially given the weak signals coming from a White House that seems to value civilized give-and-take more than good outcomes for Americans.

What can we do? Let the folks with the power know how important it is that there be a real public option, preferably based on the Medicare model, and that co-ops and trigger mechanisms don’t cut it. Let them know exactly how important this is to you in terms of future canvassing, donations, phone banking, and, of course, voting — all the things we do to help get them elected and keep them in Washington.  

Phone or email:

>>Claire McCaskill (Web-mail form. phone numbers).

>>The White House.

>>Your Representative (the link will take you to a list of Missouri Representatives with links to their Web and contact pages), particularly your Democratic Representative. Note that Missouri Representatives Lacy Clay and Emanuel Cleaver are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and it is especially important that they understand that we will support them if they continue to stand strong for real reform.

>>Democratic Senate Finance Committee Members.  (Click on the name of each member to go to their Web-page from which you can go to their contact pages.) The Committee has not yet voted on the Baucus proposal and while I don’t know if they are inclined to listen to those who are not their direct constituents,  it can’t hurt to add to the noise level.  I always tell them that I am contacting them because of the key role they play for all Americans in their committee role.

Contribute to support progressives who, so far, are refusing to roll over and play dead.

Here are some other sites with suggestions or tools to help fight for real health care reform:

>>Firedoglake action page.

>> Health Care For America Now (HCAN) Action page.

>> Organizing for America (OFA) Health Care Action Center.

If you have suggestions for additions to these lists, or for strategies that might be useful, please use the comments to share them.