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Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].


Congressman Mark Alford
[November 4, 2023]
While the world is watching the situation in Israel play out, our own southern border is wide open.
Since Joe Biden took office, hundreds of individuals on the terror watchlist have been encountered at our border.
That leads me to ask:
1. How many made it through?
2. Where are they now?
3. How many have ties to Hamas or Hezbollah?
We aren’t the only ones with these questions. Last week, Senator Schmitt and I led 22 of our House and Senate colleagues in a letter demanding to know how the conflict in the Middle East would affect our homeland.
For the entirety of this Administration’s tenure, we have operated with our guard down. We cannot allow that to continue.
We need answers before it is too late.

Because someone will take hostages somewhere in the Southwest and take them where?

Some of the responses:

According to the Representative, our southern border is wide open. His solution, sponsoring legislation “Combatting the Persecution of Religious Groups in China Act.” Another Alford bill with no cosponsors. Maybe spending more time on solving issues in the United States, and less time on tv and the internet, would be in order.

The border is not wide open, despite your repeated claim that it is.
Congress can can enact immigration reform. You should do your job and get on that.

Then do something. Put forth a bill, fund for additional border patrol, simplify immigration. Add immigration attorneys. Or keep doing what you always do, whine and blame others.

I guess you didn’t notice Israel’s wall didn’t work, oh and Trump’s buddy is in charge there. Also indicted on corruption funny enough.

” Blaming Biden” is not a constructive solution! How about you introducing legislation to resolve issues ? Missouri deserves better!

Fear mongering last week. Fear mongering this week. How does this help our country?

You are an absolute LIAR and should be expelled immediately. You are an elected official and you are telling the world our border is officially open. You are a reckless traitor. You talk about your big bad letters when you are not on TV, radio, or YouTube spewing your pandering line of party BS. You and your staffs salaries would be better used to assist the CBP agents you trash consistently. What is even more pathetic is the fact that you try and use religion to make yourself look like a righteous person. The stupid may believe you, but anyone with half a brain knows you are no better than Boebert, Gaetz, and Greene. You are a radical in hiding.

Congressman Mark Alford why not post your ridiculous letter that you sent with Senator Eric Schmitt? You both blither about China and of course don’t mention Russia! Do you seriously believe that the Federal Government is doing nothing to safeguard the US from terrorism? Also, why wasn’t that wall built that Mexico was going to pay for? You do nothing, but grandstand! [….]

That’s the way it is, isn’t it?