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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Monday, from Eric Schmitt (r):

Eric Schmitt
[August 7, 2023]
The government iss not the arbiter of truth. Period.

You think Eric (r) gets the irony of that statement? Nah.

Some of the responses:

You are so right. Keep up the good fight. We need to take down the corrupt Democrats !

Democrats hate America

ask yourself to what the Trump party most parallels. In Nazi Germany, Hitler’s greatest foes were the socialist democrats. He fought them at every turn and eventually rose to power, murdering millions of people he targeted as problematic. Trump takes his plays straight out of Meine Kampfe. He took us to the brink of disaster. The world watched. We stopped him through fair elections, now he refuses to let go of power and threatens to take down anyone in his way. Look at history. It ain’t pretty.

Godwin’s Law has been suspended.

no we dislike malignant narcissists, sociopaths, and pathological liars who think they can steal a free and fair election from MAJORITY of Americans and a wannabe autocrat who if returned to power, will consolidated presidential power and surround himself with loyalist….Trump wants to be an autocrat….A party that puts a man over party and country is unpatriotic and unAmerica….MAGA seems to hate America.

That’s rich. So, as a member of said government, as a Senator, we cannot expect the truth from you? Or are you resigning because of the truth?


Definitely not when people like you and your MAGA cult are in charge spewing alternative facts, which you can’t even spell correctly.

Senator – no one said you are the “arbiter” of truth – we simply wish you had even a casual relationship with the truth…[….]


Is anyone surprised Schmitt would take the anniversary of Richard Nixon announcing his resignation – to announce their party is STILL NOT PROMOTING THE TRUTH?!?!?

You are the government as a reminder ………

Eric (r) doesn’t understand that part.

Umm, you are part of the government.

The Rule of Law is. Get used to it, Schmitt!

Is this the best that Bullschmitt can do?
It’s pitiful.

Thank you Eric for being a True Patriot! Get those Rhinos on-board to Impeach Biden. The Most Treasonous and Corrupt AH to Ever represent USA- next to Clintons and Obama! Needs to be done,NOW!

You spelled RINO wrong and Eric spelled IS wrong.

oh wellll. Woopty Doo! I’m sure you know All about “Spell check!” [….] Not to mention, I wasn’t writing for a PHD or to something that required editing . Lastly, FYI: this is what folks like you do on social media when your thoughts don’t align with a post… You point out grammatical errors that have Zero to do with the Meaning of the post. I guess it’s done to make you feel Superior? Who knows and I don’t give a hoot. I laugh because it says one heck of A Lot about a person.

Stupidity may be inherited. Ignorance is a personal choice.

Rhino is a large animal. RINO is any Republican with morals who hasn’t kissed Trump’s ass. The House impeaches not the Senate. You slept through Civics in high school, didn’t you.

patriots don’t put a man over party nor country. Schmitt is an opportunist, grifter, and lusts for power….the MAGA platform.

That IS Not the Maga Platform! You’re very misinformed sweetpea! What you described is The Biden Crime family!

“I know you are, but what am I?”

Since you, as a Senator, are a part of the government you accuse of lying, you must be a liar too. Quod erat demonstratum., or QED.

Who ever posts Schmitt shit doesn’t proofread very well.

The most honest thing Schmitt ever posted is to admit he DOES NOT deal with the truth…

Is this a great country, or what?