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Yesterday, from Eric Schmitt (r):

Eric Schmitt
[July 15, 2023]
Do you regard Dr. Anthony Fauci as a hero or a fraud?

The right wingnut base reveals itself in the comments:

One word would save lives that was denied “Hydroxychloroquine”!

and ivermectin!

The ignorant among us, will destroy us!! Do some research the MSM is run by BigPharma, suppressing the data, deaths, disabilities this virus and vaccine are causing.

Read that one again.

Fauci lied people died. He needs to be tried for crimes against humanity. Please do something!

“Dr” should not be placed anywhere near his name. It is a disgrace to that profession.

He’s not a fraud. He’s an accessory to millions of murders committed by the CCP around the world.

You need to research him, Fraud! He’s responsible for murdering people with COVID19 and vaccine. He violated US Gain of Function moratorium by funding WUHAN Inst of virology through EcoHealth Alliance(Peter Daszak).

Obama was also part of it.

Yes, Obama funded Ukraine biolabs in 2014, they were working on coronavirus, also. Hunter Biden (and Joe) RosemontSeneca were involved. Obama toppled Ukraine government and installed Zelensky, their puppet. Democrat money laundering through Ukraine back to Democrat candidates.

no, Fauci is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. And he is responsible for the mass hysteria that the China flu caused.

Fhony Fauci is a murderer of people and beagle dogs, in his sick experiments!

A fraud and should be jailed for all the lives lost due to his negligence, recommendations, and mandates. Also his crimes against humanity. But where is Fauci now ?

A traitor to this country, and he should be treated as such back in the old days

He’s a monster. Between the AIDS epidemic and the CV flu, he caused the death of millions of people. That isn’t political. He’s a monster.

He is a fraud. I’ve read many articles about him and I have no doubt in my mind that he should be tried for crimes against humanity! He caused
The deaths of millions of people in the USA and in other parts of the world.

“…I’ve read many articles…” Maroon.

Fraud, one of Biden’s flunkies

And Donald Trump (r), right?

Fraud is too kind. He is a war criminal who used a bioweapon against the world.

Which war? Just asking.

The real crime is still being covered-up––namely the injection of the genetic code of this Chinese engineered gain of function spike protein into millions of citizens. Sure, Fauci funded the creation of this chimeric spike protein, but more criminally he mandated injecting it!

General Jack D. Ripper was a prophet, apparently.

Fauci is the biggest fraud ever! He should be in prison!

This lab leak was paid for by the US taxpayer, funded by Fauci, to EcoHealth alliance(Daszak) and research by Baric at UNC, Chapel Hill. Fauci covered up, they suppressed IVM and HCQ. The virus and the vaccine are bioweapons. Spike protein is pathogenic. Arrest Fauci, Collins, Baric, Daszak, Bill Gates, Anderson, Birx, Garry, Farrar, et all. MILLIONS DIED because of them.

Both the virus and the vaccine? Think about that for just a second.

Complete Post Modern quack fraud incapable of basic scientific observation. Clowns like him cost many lives. A real vaccine could have been developed from the blood of people like myself, that never got ill even after verified Covid-19 exposure. Anthony Fauchi deserves no less than the Utah classic death penalty.


Fraud- needs to be at GITMO!!

Fauci should be in jail for all his lies he told such as … control tactics
Masks work….proven not to work
6′ distancing….not based in science
lockdowns…proven not to work
Jab safe…proven not safe
Jab keeps you from transmitting…nope
Jab keeps you from spredding…nope
Jabs effective…not effective
Jab for kids … not proven science
Ccp19 was from bats…from lab leak
Not funding gain of function…Lie!
The whole time he used scare TACTICS and people fell for it. CDC even posted there was 99.995% survival rate. Who thinks this was really a pandemic??


A fraud and a mass murder—he and Gates and the others committed mass genocide and should be held accountable and get the same punishment that anyone else would get, not a free pass, or a slap on the wrist.

Nuremberg Code could be applied for many of the government acts.
1)voluntary consent – Biden Admin made it mandatory
1)Also in point 1, no “coercion”. The government were offering “incentives” as a true form of “coercion”. Feds were giving money to states to use to “bribe” people to get these shots.
There are many other medical issues. But, if you use the Nuremberg Code, that should be used to deal with all involved.

Fraud. He lied to protect himself and his mistake to fund the lab in China. As a result, many Americans died. Sounds like a prosecution is in order.

So, then the pandemic was real? Just asking.

He helped kill my grandson.

Fraud- and should be charged with crimes against humanity!

Domestic Terrorist!

FRAUD needs to go gitmo/guillotine

Alliteration is apparently a requirement in some right wingnut dogma.

He tried to kill all of us

War criminal

Which war? Just asking.

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].