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“…Aside from lacking any authority over locally elected boards of education, the Attorney General’s orders did not follow Missouri law and were therefore without legal force or effect. Neither Attorney General Schmitt nor his successor has disavowed the orders, and in fact, the Attorney General continues to insist that school districts lack the very authority granted them under Missouri law…”


“…The Attorney General has argued that his letters were standard cease and desist letters that any prospective litigant is free to send as a precursor to litigation. The Court rejects this post-hoc rationalization because it ignores both the tenor and threat of future orders of the letters and the social media posts the Attorney General distributed to amplify them. It also elides the interpretation of the orders the public had of the Attorney General’s authority. The letters were not supported by statute or legal precedent and were subject to misinterpretation of the laws of the State of Missouri. The clear intent of the Attorney General’s letters, particularly in view of his later communications and social media posts, was to leave the School District and the public with the impression he had authority he did not have…”

It’s always too easy.

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An attempted trolling comment submitted today in response to Eric Schmitt (r): losing again (May 30, 2023)

This article is misleading and inaccurate! This happened in one district out of all he sued because they had put a pandemic ordinance in place about changing rules while under the SCAMdemic. You are just campaigning for democrats for those dumb enough to believe you. Y’all need to be held accountable! In fact, I’m gonna call attorneys right now and see if I can sue you personally for misleading me!

Own goal.

Rural party line, rotary dial, or push-button phone? Just asking.

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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].