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It’s their world, the rest of it only get to live in it.

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Eric Schmitt believes we’re all really stupid.

On Saturday:

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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
This is an effort to delegitimize the Court — making it easier to pack the Court or ignore rulings they don’t like.

The Court & the Constitution are in their way

The Constitution diffused power to protect liberty— radical Dems are all in on a post-Constitution power grab.
6:50 AM · Apr 29, 2023

Some of the responses:

The court is completely illegitimate. Dirty from the top. Corrupt just like you.

The gop , your party, has already packed the courts. We actually need a “counter-packing”. SCOTUS is verifiably corrupt.

Sir, I think the court was delegitimized when Senator McConnell failed to even hold hearings on President Obama’s pick 8 months before an election and then turned around and rushed Barrett’s nomination through three weeks before an election. Hypocrisy seems to be on Republicans.

So, court packing.

You are a disgrace to MO. You don’t see the corruption of the SC because YOU are corrupt!

The court is clearly corrupt. Maybe Mitch and republicans shouldn’t have wiped their asses with the constitution and we wouldn’t be in the spot.

You can’t delegitimize the court any more than the Federalist Society already has.

Ask Mitchy about playing games with the court, son. Look in the mirror.

It’s an effort to root out corruption. Republicans always say is not a problem when republicans are corrupt, then you go off the deep end when it’s a Democrat. The court is clearly corrupt.

Mitch already destroyed the court, not giving Garland proper hearings and rushing Amy, it is not legitimate, but EricSchmitt you never let facts disrupt you carny barker narrative

Well if you set aside lies and bribery, then hell yeah, the court is totally legitimate. [….]

How hard is it to accurately complete a disclosure form? Unfortunately, I really don’t think that you understand.

Well sure, if you ignore all the facts.

There is noooooooooooooooooooo ethics problem only not reporting sales of property, not reporting spousal income, and not reporting expensive junkets paid for billionaires.
Everyone does that, right?
By the way, what are the ethics regulation for the Court?

The court by knowingly, openly, repeatedly taking bribes has already done that.

This court has delegitimized itself. The corruption is vast with these conservative judges and Thomas is the most corrupt of all.

Wtf? Taking free trips from “a friend”. Gtfo Eric. He is compromised. Who has paid you? Thomas gotta go just like you. Oh yeah…who paid Kavanaughs debt and country club bill? Not him. Show us the receipts.

Thomas believes he’s above the law. Million $$ gifts are not appropriate.

Have another beer with Kavanaugh. Who paid his $400,000.00 worth of debt?