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Definitely not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo]..

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Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
Parents have a right to know what’s being taught in their children’s schools.

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10:31 AM · Apr 10, 2023

Some of the responses:

Jess Piper (D) [2023 file photo].

Jess Piper @piper4missouri
Mr. Alford, open your child’s backpack. Go to their school website. Call your kid’s teacher. Attend a parent teacher conference. Help your children with their homework. All these things are available to you. Refusing to be involved with your child’s education is on you.
4:36 PM · Apr 10, 2023

Weird way to say you aren’t a very engaged parent.

They already do buddy

Just because you can’t be bothered to read a syllabus or the emails that get sent home from school/teachers doesn’t it make it our problem. All of this information is already there, stop pretending it is being hidden.

Schools have an annual event called Open House, parent teacher conferences twice a year, quarterly site council meetings, and I’ve never had a teacher or administrator NOT answer any questions I’ve had via email or phone. Where have you been? Stop creating nonexistent problems.

And all they’ve gotta do is ask.

They l ready do. Open the school bag, talk to the teachers, get involved in PTA, and go to school board meetings it’s all there.

Most parents know as much as they want to know about their children’s education. Many parents are tied up with paying bills; others are involved with community, sports, and academics. Nothing in life is as simple as a single tweet.

According to Section 161.855, every MO public school must make their curriculum publicly available (most on their website). No need to make this an issue.

They do and always have. It’s called checking your child’s school work, going to parent teachers conferences and looking at your school website. Why do you lie so much ?

Why is this even a question?

Have you considered the following, genius?

1. Joining the PTA
2. Attending parent/teacher conferences
3. Talking to your children

The GOP is a national embarrassment (when not being treasonous).

Any parent who doesn’t know what their kids are being taught in school is a parent who is not doing the job of a parent.

Knowing what’s being taught was never the issue; you’re making noise over something nonexistent, in an effort to create division. Why?

They have always had that right and still do.

Republicans LOVE to create problem where there really aren’t any.

Please share some real examples of your constituents asking their schools/teachers for information and NOT receiving it.

Ever been to a parent-teacher conference?

You can literally just ask the teachers. They have entire meetings with parents to discuss these things.

Absolutely nothing prevents this unless parents choose to avoid their children and teachers.

They do. 🤡

You don’t even have the charisma to be a proper right-wing grifter.


As a parent of three, I recall being privy to all my sons’ curricula starting 32 years ago. All I had to do was ask. So what are you even talking about?

We already do, what are you talking about?

Pretty sure the kids are busy dodging bullets.

Curriculum has been online for years. I have contact info for all my daughter’s teachers. I can track any of her courses online too. So what exactly is the problem, Rep. Burgundy?

It’s called the syllabus. Or just contact your kids’ teachers. Back in my day, the Republican Party was about small government, not weaponizing government against education.

Parents have a right to know that their children won’t be killed in schools


Easy solutions that don’t require government intervention: Facilitate your children’s learning experience by scheduling time with them daily to check their homework and see what they are learning. Attend PTA meetings. Meet teachers. Become involved in meaningful ways.

if you don’t know what your kid is being taught in school, you’re a lazy and neglectful parent

What is currently stopping them? Here are the ways I’ve found out what my kids are learning.
1. Asking my kids
2. Teachers email us at least once a week about it.
3. Syllabus
4. Emailing the teacher.
5. Parent teacher conference
What do you want?

Go to parent-teacher conferences. Schedule a meeting. Read email newsletters. Email your child’s teacher. Go to school board meetings. Back-to-school nights.

This is all a performative farce and you know it.

When have parents not known the curriculum? Teachers love having involved parents; they do not love ideologues who accuse them of ridiculous things like being groomers.

Wait, what?

“Stop by my office anytime, or I’ll give you a tour, or email me, or call” said every educator waiting for your response

Parents have always had the right to know what is being taught in school. You must not be much of a parent if you didn’t know that.

If only there were meetings between the teacher & the parent; a conference of sorts. Or maybe if the teachers would email a letter to parents that lists the current events going on in the classroom. The class news in letter form. Maybe they could send this letter of news weekly?

Curriculum has always been available to parents. Our local schools have parent-teacher nights twice a year as well as meetings with parents as requested. School board meetings are open to the public.

If a parent doesn’t know what’s being taught, they just aren’t trying.

What’s stopping them?

You could ask your kid. You could go to parent-teacher meetings. You could log in to the school’s website or email their teacher. You could sit down with your kid when they’re doing their homework. You could, you know, parent your child.

You can talk to their teacher, use the school website, talk to your kid about it or even look at his homework. If you, specifically, are not doing the bare minimum, why should you get to dictate what everyone else’s kids learn?

Parents have always had access to these things in public schools. Since COVID, ease of access makes it almost impossible to not know what is going on. You are a liar!

Parents know exactly whats being taught this is just another fake gop talking point to drum up nonsense

They already do. It’s pretty easy, actually.

Film at 11 Mark, they can already.
But, you already know that.

Parents already have that right. What planet do you live on? My wife works in an elementary school, she laughed at your post.

This tweet makes no sense what so ever. All you have to do is be involved with your kids and their school.

Open your child’s backpack for once in your life. Actually try talking to your kids about their day in school. Take a chance and get off social media and check the schools website. Now this one is crazy but you can go in and talk to your child’s teacher, counselor, etc. Try it.

True! And I do. I have access to his Google classroom account. I have access to his grades, which are updated almost daily. We’re in email contact with his teachers every week. We talk about his work when we pick him up. I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make.

Involved parents already know. Stop pretending teachers are hiding curriculum from parents.

When have we not had the right, Mark? Can you name your children’s teachers? Have you been to parent/teacher conferences or curriculum night?

I’ve always known what’s being taught because I talk to my kid, look at his assignments, read the class syllabus, attend parent-teacher conferences and read the weekly newsletters. Be present. Be engaged.

What is MORE IMPORTANT is parents’s right to know their children aren’t murdered in school. You’re more concerned about your NRA rating than protecting children. Never claim to be pro life, because you are the antithesis.

Parents can see what is being taught at school by going to your school district website & look up curriculum. Or you could attend parent/teacher conferences, ask your child for teacher syllabus, or visit the classroom. Parents can know quite easily if they want too! #Missouri

You’re missing your PTA meeting

Such a sad little man who tries to play into the fears of people. Its easy to find out what’s going on in the classrooms. Go to the school. Talk to the teachers. Look at your kids homework. Actually talk to your kids.

They always have. I know what’s going on in our district because I’m an involved parent. Were you not doing that already? That’s embarrassing for you.

Knowing what is being taught to children is transparent if you care enough to attend meetings and find out. This is a political scheme to suppress learning and show your bias.

You act like that info isn’t easy to access….pretty sure you’re a fascist.

I know what my kids are being taught in school. I talk to them. I also help them with their homework and go to parent teacher conferences among other things. Do you not do that? We don’t need some bullshit law to make teachers lives harder to find out what our kids are learning.

We already do. You must be lazy or just lying.

Standards are posted online, genius.

When was your last parent teacher meeting? Did you ask questions? Did you go? You’re just another blower of hot air that means nothing

Does the school you send your kids to not have parent-teacher conferences? Orientation? A syllabus? Or are you just one of those parents who doesn’t pay any attention to your children until you hear something about gay or black people?

Tell me you are an inattentive parent in fewer words.

I mean. I already do. Between weekly emails, PTA, teacher parent conferences. And. I talk to my kid. One has to really not wanna know what is going on to not know

You can always ask instead of being a shrieking drama queen.

I know exactly what my children are being taught because I’m involved in their lives.

This sounds like a you problem.

You are not a professional educator, anyway. I dare you to tell me what good physics teaching looks like, let alone write a thesis about it, let alone dedicate your life to it. What ideas are you so afraid of, anyway?

Yes they do! And they have that right now! Open up your kids backpack and see what their doing. Email the teacher. Go to PTA meetings. Parent teacher conferences. THEY HAVE THESE RIGHTS ALREADY!!! Quit gaslighting!

Do homework with them.
You know, raise your kids. Parent them. That’s how my parents knew. That’s how I knew.
Have you heard of that parenting thingy?

People have a right to know where their politicians’ money comes from and who owns them.

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Have you or any of your family or friends ever had kids in school? Are you saying that you have gone until now not knowing what they were being taught? Thus admitting that you have ignored years of PTA & SAC meetings, school websites, teachers begging for parent involvement?

Do you not go through your kids’ backpacks or talk to them. No conversation at the dinner table? Do you engaged with your kids when they have homework? Any parent who talks to, checks backpacks, and goes to parent-teacher conferences know what’s taught. Stop false narrative.

You people are on a constant and always fruitless search for something to be butthurt about.

They have had this right for DECADES. Get off the cross with your fake persecution. You’re pathetic.

They have those rights today!
Had them yesterday!
Parents can go to the school, talk to teachers, talk to staff. They have these things called “parent-teacher conferences” multiple times throughout the year.

What makes children’s education less effective?
Banning books.

If you took the time to talk to your child, you would know what’s going on. Attend PTA meetings. Go to parent teacher meetings. Go to the school website.

Being lazy is no excuse.

Have you ever attended a curriculum night? Met with a teacher? Been part of a PTA. What are you even saying? Is this some kind of dog whistle that you’ve invented because the words just don’t make any sense.

I’m a teacher. Not sure where the confusion lies about this. Have you considered asking?

We already do know. Where have you been?

I have the right to know that when my child goes to school in the morning that she will come home alive in the afternoon.

If you don’t know what’s going on at your child’s school, shame on you. It’s your fault for not engaging.

By the way, “retweet if you agree” is sad.

Give me a break, there has never been an issue with this. This is just trying to rile up your base. Teachers always are transparent on what is being taught and most schools at the start of school has curriculum night. Teachers are amazing and always welcome hearing from parents.

Parents have never been denied the knowledge of what their children are learning.

On the contrary, teachers encourage parent participation in all reaches of the educational spectrum.

You’re spreading misinformation.

Stop it.

“…You’re spreading misinformation…”

It’s in his nature.

I asked my kids what they we’re learning and the told me. I talked to their teachers too. Not a hard concept

In my experience parents abdicate parenting to schools. “How can I make Johnny do homework? Should I take away the tv?” Parents ask all the time.
It was a struggle to get them to be involved or show interest. I’m emailing, leaving messages. This is PERFORMATIVE grievance.

I’ve always known. I just want to make sure that they are safe from gun violence at school. How about you?

FFS, Mark.
As a parent, I knew everything that my children were being taught in school.
Wanna know how I did that?
I helped with homework.
I attended all parent/teacher conferences.
I attended PTA meetings.
I volunteered.
You know, things that responsible, involved parents do.

The ratio is epic.